• Need New Tyres in Wayville?

    On the hunt for a local tyre company? Look no further than Goodyear Tyre and Auto. If you live in Wayville, your closest store is at 107 Cross Street, Hawthorn – just around the corner!
    But don’t think we just do tyres. There’s everything related to tyres, like wheel alignments, tyre inspections, and tyre repairs. Then there’s all of the other stuff we do, like car servicing, car repairs, and everything in between.

  • Wheel alignment

    Sometimes it’s not easy to tell whether your axles and tyres are aligned where they need to be. But if your car’s suspension geometry isn’t right, it will compromise your safety on the road. Let’s say your tyres have come into close contact with something solid, like a curb – or maybe you have noticed uneven tread wear on your tyres, it’s time to come and see us.
    Our tyre specialists will inspect all four tyres, to see how much life they have left in them. A wheel alignment will help you drive better on the road, save petrol, and protect your tyres from unnecessary fast wear.

  • About Goodyear Autocare

    Want a mechanic that you can trust with your car? Look no further than Goodyear Tyre and Auto. We’ve been in the tyre game for decades – and we’re your one-stop-shop for everything tyre and auto related.
    Whether you’re looking for to replace your tyres, align your wheels, service your car, repair parts of your car, or anything else, come and see us.

  • Check your tyre pressure

    Keeping on top of your tyre pressure is one of the most effective things you can do to prolong the life of your tyres. Plus, the correct  pressure reduces the risk of you losing control while driving.
    The iar pressure can fall due to small punctures, air escaping through the tyre’s components, or even ambient temperatures. It’s important that you check the pressure of your tyres, every month. You should do this, as a part of your car’s routine check, because:

    • Under or over inflation can reduce the life of your tyres, affect their performance and increase the risk of damage
    • Correct tyre pressure will even help you save money on petrol– and reduce harmful emissions.

    The recommended tyre pressure can be found in the user manual of your car, on a label on the door or doorframe of the car, or inside of the fuel flap.