• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Hawthorn

  • If you are looking at replacing your old window or door frames with new, much stronger aluminium ones, then Mr Glass & Aluminium is the right place for you. We can custom design and fit any window or door design to your existing property no matter the size or shape. We also have renowned experience in glass replacements and retro fitting.

    We have had a strong reputation over the last 10 years for product quality and service in the Hawthorn 5062 region and strive to continually evolve our skills and knowledge to meet our customer’s needs without them having to spend a fortune.

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  • Windows and door design and installation

    Windows and doors play a significant role in Australian homes and business’s, in regards to both style and liveability. We understand this and are passionate about bringing the right design and fit for your windows and doors.

    We can provide any solution for aluminium window and door design and fitting to any residential or commercial building. We tailor every design to suit the current overall feel to your home or business so it blends seamlessly and looks fantastic. We use the highest quality aluminium and glass to ensure you that it will last and function the way it is supposed to. No matter the size or shape that you want, we can design and install it with no fuss. 

  • Glass replacement

    We are the best in the business when it comes to replacing glass at your business or home. When it comes to glass replacement, you should only have the absolute best result. We take as much care replacing it, as we do understanding how you want it completed.

    We can cut and shape any style of glass to any window frame shape, whether that be round, square, large or small, we can have it done to the most exceptional quality and durability.

    If its double glazed glass you’re after, we can cater to that to. Double glazed glass windows and doors are becoming more wide spread as they offer a stronger more reliable product and are great at cutting down your heating and cooling costs. It provides a system where it can trap heat inside during winter, and keep the heat out during summer. 

  • Other services

    We get asked a lot what retro fitting is and if we do it, the answer is yes. Retro fitting is where new materials are added to old windows and doors. If there is a window or door frame in your home or business that you love, but want the glass replaced to a more efficient glazed glass for instance, we will take out the old sheet, and replace it with a new one, so there is not need to have an entirely new frae made or installed. Alternatively, we can custom design and make a new aluminium frame that matches the style of your old ones, so you have that same look, but with new, stronger materials.

    We also specialise in large opening designs. If there is an area on your home or business that is essentially a huge hole, we can measure, design and construct a magnificent new window or door frame to fill in the gap. No matter the size of the opening, we can make it. This is a fantastic way to open up the room with more light and even make the area seem bigger and more vibrant.

  • Why choose us?

    We don’t just install new windows and doors for the money; we do it for the passion. We have spent many years working in the industry, and over that time have built up an unbeaten reputation and the best aluminium door and window specialists.

    We can fit and install any size ad shape, which a lot of our competitors have trouble doing, which makes us the #1 team for all of your windows, doors and glass needs.