• Hot Water Service Salisbury

    In the market for a new hot water heater, or repairs for your existing unit, in Salisbury? We are the hot water plumbing specialists in Adelaide. We offer exceptional deals on new hot water systems fully installed. Our Affordable Plumbing company offer competitive prices.

  • Hot Water Systems

    Is your hot water service measuring up? At home or in your place of business, are you getting the best hot water bang for your bucks? New generation hot water systems are delivering exceptional levels of continuous hot water and energy savings in both domestic and commercial settings. South Australians are discovering the joys of unlimited hot water at record low prices through new technologies like solar, gas continuous and heat pumps. The old electric hot water tank is fast becoming an antique left over from the Iron Age, which costs a fortune to run. Plumbing can show you how to save money on your hot water and get a better production of hot water in the home.

  • Hot Water Repairs

    Plumbing are your emergency hot water plumbers in Salisbury and surrounding suburbs. They provide a 24-hour after hours and on the weekend plumbing service, designed to quickly restore your supply of hot water at your home or place of business. Don’t wait around for lesser plumbers when you can engage the best for less. Plumbing are competitively priced emergency hot water plumbers.

  • Solar Hot Water

    If you have a solar system setup, or are looking to have one installed, then the team you need. We are one of the leading specalists in this area and can assure you that what ever model you have, no matter where it is placed on your home, we can have any issue with it repaired on the same day. Alternatively, If you would like to enter the new age and have a solar system installed on your home or commercial business, we can have that done to. The benefits of having a system like this installed stems far beyond the reach of just saving $$$$, it will provide you with the type of water you have always wanted, at a fraction of the cost, all year round. 

  • Instant Gas

    Looking for something a little more natural to ensure that you have the warmest water of all, then why not try instant gas hot water. This is by far one of the cheapest and highest quality forms of getting the heat you need when you are showering or even doing the dishes. We have  a large variety of systems that we can have professionally installed in your home or office, and can even fix any system you have already have such as Rinnai, Bosch, Dux, Joolca and Rheem. If you need the best service when having your system repaired, or having  anew one installed, we will help you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best service, and the best price. 

  • Electric Hot Water Systems

    We provide one of the largest services in Salisbury and Adelaide when it comes to producing the freshest, and most pure water from electricity. We stock the largest and cheapest range of electric systems that can be installed on anything from a 5 bedroom home, all the way to a smaller 1 bedroom granny flat. These systems are so versitile and easy to move, they can be installed practically anywhere. With the rising price of electricity in South Australia, you want to make sure the system you get is the best electric hot water system on the market, and at, that is all we stock. We use the industry leading brands from all over the globe, we test them, and test them again, to make sure that they will work every time, and wont cost you a truck load of $$$$ to run. We want to make sure that they are the most energy efficient brands and models, they will last a life time, and that they will produce the best results possible. We can also reapair any problems you have with your existing one and have the problem fixed and repaired in the quickest possible time. 

  • Emergency Hot Water Services

    Are you in a bind? has your tap bust? is your beautiful hot water suddenly turned icy cold? then you need an emergency service that can be at your home or business in the quickest possible time frame. We have one of the best emergency water services in Salisbury and can ensure that when called, we will make it our mission to be at your in the quickest time, and have the issue fixed even quicker. We know how much of a pain it can be to not have any running water, leaking pipes, and any other bathroom issues. Call today if your in a situation like this and we will provide you with the best possible service, we will arrive ahead of time, we will have the emergency fixed, and you will receive the cheapest rates that are going around.