• Electricians Athelstone

    Do you require the services of an electrician in Athelstone? Whether your requirements are residential or commercial, Mueller Electrics is the trusted choice in electrical servicing in Adelaide. With a team of fully mobile, electrical technicians, and with a host of experience in a variety of electrical applications, they have the solution for you. Mueller Electrics have 6 fully equipped vans on the road at all times. When things are not working properly at your place, call the professionals for fast and immediate relief. Call 1300 MUELLER.

  • Home Theatre Installations

    Our homes have become our palaces, with a wealth of wonderful comforts and entertainments all contained within four walls. Mueller Electrics are your Home Theatre experts specialising in the design and installation of superior audio/ visual applications. When you want the best, forget the rest; and contact Mueller Electrics in Athelstone.

  • Solar Power

    Solar power remains the most cost effective means of powering your lifestyle in South Australia in the twenty first century. Did you know that more homes and businesses in this state have switched to solar than anywhere else in the country? Mueller Electrics have the expertise and experience to make your solar conversion a real winner. Each commercial or residential situation is unique and you need to know what you are doing. They have designed and installed countless PV solar systems in Adelaide; and you will benefit from their breadth of knowledge.

  • Free Energy Audit

    Would you like to receive a Free Safety and Energy Audit in Athelstone for your home or business? Save $440 and discover what eats up your power and costs you the most. Knowledge is power; because then you can do something about it. Feel safe inside your home with a complete safety check of your electrical system; your family will thank you.

  • Electrical Services in Athelstone

    Mueller Electrics can rewire your home or business, install or replace power points, dimmers and light switches, design and install LED lighting systems, all indoor and outdoor lighting, install, service and repair all electrical appliances, home automation systems, and all provide general electrical work.

  • Get Great Customer Service

    Simon Mueller promises you 100% customer satisfaction from his team of electrical technicians. Receive Up Front prices with no hidden charges, experience the difference when your electrician turns up on time and calls you on approach, get smaller windows of scheduled appointment times; so that you can get on with the rest of your day. Call 1300 MUELLER.