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    Looking at getting a new kitchen for your Aldgate residence? A new designer kitchen can make life much more rewarding. Imagine being able to cook like a Masterchef at home. Jag Kitchens can make that happen for you. They are South Australia’s most awarded kitchen company at both state and national level. With a team of fifty designers, cabinetmakers and tradespeople all committed to ongoing excellence, they know more about kitchens than most in the industry. Since 1987, Jag Kitchens has been creating unrivalled kitchens for local conditions. Whether you want a contemporary styled kitchen or a more traditional looking kitchen, they make the best kitchens in Adelaide.

    Quality Cabinetmakers

    At Jag Kitchens the people who make your new kitchen are premium craftsman utilising their superior cabinetmaking skills. This is why Jag kitchens last longer and look great for the life of the kitchen, they are put together better by the very best in the business. Decide on your benchtop, splashback and kitchen cupboard materials with the help of their experienced designers and cabinetmakers. Understanding surfaces and how they react to local conditions is an important part of the new kitchen process. There are hundreds of possibilities to choose from; run your eyes and hands over the incredible range of surface materials at Jag Kitchens.

    Customer Service Second to None

    The kitchen renovation experience demands the services of a dedicated kitchen team to liaise and oversee the design and installation of your new Aldgate kitchen. Jag Kitchens are with you every step of the way. Your designer is on call and ready to remedy any situation that might arise. Jag has a carefully selected list of tried and true suppliers; so that you will not be let down or experience any delay in the process. Thirty years of experience means that they make it happen smoothly and professionally.

    New Kitchens Excite

    A brand new kitchen excites those who occupy the most important room in the house. Make the home cook happy with a new designer kitchen, their thanks will be well served to you every single day and night.Your Aldgate home deserves a Jag kitchen. Guaranteed to increase the resale value on your property, and keep the home fires burning in new and exciting ways.

    You are Invited to a Kitchen Tea

    Well, more of a complimentary evening seminar, but much more enjoyable, at Jag Kitchens. If you love kitchens and talking about kitchens, then this night will be more than your cup of tea. Meet with the Jag designers and see what is possible in all its kitchen glory. Inspiring and highly informative; an illuminating evening for the kitchen devotee.