• Firewood Supplies Adelaide Hills

    Do you need to stock up on some high quality firewood? If you are in the Adelaide Hills, then we can deliver it right to your doorstep. We stock only the best grade of split dry red gum. This comes from sustainable sources and licensed wholesalers.

    The wood, being a hardwood, will burn longer and generate more heat and less pollution. If you are in the Adelaide Hills region delivery is free for orders over 1 tonne, or simply visit us at the Mt barker Landscape Centre.

  • Red Gum Firewood - We Deliver

    Free delivery on red gum firewood throughout the Adelaide Hills on orders of 1 tonne or more. Or call in and visit the Mount Barker Landscape Centre.

    Our red gum firewood is sourced from only licensed and regulated wholesalers. These  suppliers have passed quality control and use only environmentally sustainable products.

    When timber is too moist or fast burning it can be harmful and release more pollutants. This is why our firewood is dry seasoned and moisture tested to conform to industry standards.


  • Firewood Prices

    At the Mt Barker Landscape Centre we only sell one type of firewood. This is because it is sustainably sourced, slow burning, and has been moisture tested to ensure quality.

    Prices are $330 per tonne, and this includes free delivery to all areas of the Adelaide Hills for orders over 1 tonne. We also deliver firewood to the Adelaide metro area, please contact us for delivery pricing.