• Wedding Photography in Adelaide Hills

  • Wedding Photography Adelaide Hills

    Make sure you can look back on your wedding day with gorgeous, artistic photos by Film Noir Wedding Photography. Our distinctive cinematic photography style, coupled with exceptional service, will delight discerning clients, and give you amazing photos to cherish forever. With over 10 years of experience photographing weddings in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, our team’s passion and dedication to their trade is sure to result in the highest quality photo suite for your big day. Book a consultation with Film Noir Wedding Photography today. 

  • Our Style

    With a passion for cinematic photography, the team at Film Noir will create stunning, rich and artistic photos you’ll cherish for years to come. Cinematic photography conveys your individual story as a couple through a series beautifully composed shots, each designed to look like a still frame straight from a film. This style captures your natural interaction with each other – there’s no stiff posing here - just intimate moments being shared in a cinematic setting. 

    Our style will highlight you, our subjects, while using natural, flash and artificial lighting to illuminate the scene. We also love using bokeh, the soft, gentle blurring of parts of a frame, to add a whimsical and inspiring element to your photos. There are an abundance of amazing landscapes in the Adelaide Hills we can use for our setting, so speak to Film Noir Wedding Photography today to create memories that will last a lifetime.  

  • Our Team

    Get to know the team at Film Noir Wedding Photography. Jerry Zimmer and Ela Bozek are experienced photographers, both with a love of cinematic style. That’s why they’ve collaborated to create Film Noir. They are artistically cohesive and this flows through to their work. You’ll have both passionate photographers at your wedding ensuring all aspects are covered from two perspectives.

    Ela Bozek

    I’m a cinematic photographer, art teacher, graphic artist and mother. Originally from Poland, I moved to Australia with my husband Sebastian and daughter Zoe, and we’re loving the relaxed, coastal life that Adelaide offers. My hobbies include camping, snorkeling and exploring the city with my camera in tow.

    I like to play with a combination of lighting, wide lenses and digital enhancement to create artistic imagery. During a photo shoot, I tend to get up close with my couples and talk with them throughout the shoot for more natural and organic result in the photos. Jerry and I make a great team. We have a similar style, based on cinematic techniques, and work harmoniously together. We’d be honoured to photograph your wedding or engagement.  

    Jerry Zimmer

    After years of working in a cinema, I found that I admired master cinematographers for their ability to tell stories and compose amazing frames with their cameras. This led me to hone my skills in cinematic photography. I love to set my couples in a movie setting, and then photograph their natural interaction with each other. This means I’m light on posing, which results in more organic photos.

    My favourite moment of photography is when I catch a bride smiling at a romantic word spoken by her new husband. Beautiful and genuine. The real story, right there. Ela and I work so well together because we share the same cinematic flair, and work in tandem to capture the whole story, his and hers, using a wide range of shots and lenses. We’d love to show you our work, and we know you’ll love cinematic photography for your wedding too. 

  • Our Service

    The team at Film Noir Wedding Photography want to make your wedding shoot fun and memorable. We use state of the art Sony Mirrorless cameras to create high resolution images in crystal clear detail. You’ll love the results! 

    Our digital wedding package begins with a 1 hour consultation with Jerry and Ela so we can get to know you as a couple before the shoot. We’ll then do a mini engagement shoot with 25 beautiful images. Your wedding day includes 8 hours of photography and 450 colour corrected photos – 150 of these will be creatively edited images. Your images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding – so you won’t have to wait long to see the stunning results.

    We’re pleased to offer a 25% discount off our wedding package for the limited time only. Call Film Noir Wedding Photography to secure your date today.