• Air Conditioning in Warradale

  • Looking for professional help with your air conditioner in Warradale, SA, 5046? WHITE AIR SERVICES has you covered in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. We are the experts for sales, service and repairs for all types of air conditioning units. Our proficiency lies in our up to the minute training with the very latest technology. In addition, we provide quality customer service at very competitive rates. If you want reliable climate control all year round, Sparrow Electrical can deliver fully functioning peace of mind for your home or business. Don’t risk your comfort this season, get your system serviced in preparation for those long hot summer days and nights ahead. Call us now to make an appointment or to find out more about our services. Alternatively, click here to be contacted by us.


  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

    Ducted A/C is the ideal type for new homes and newly renovated houses in Warradale and surrounding suburbs. Sleek systems, which are out of sight and superb at delivering individual comfort for every room in your domicile. Temperature control designed for twenty first century living in South Australia. Heating and cooling for your home or business, which provides cost effective energy use all year round. Call WHITE AIR SERVICES for a quote today on a system just right for your situation; we work with all the top brands.

  • Heating & Cooling

    Air conditioning is the smart way to heat and cool your home or place of business in Warradale and the southern suburbs of Adelaide. The price of LPG gas is prohibitive, and it is in short supply for domestic use. Whatever the conditions outside, your air con keeps you comfortable inside, all year round. WHITE AIR SERVICES can install, service and repair a variety of reverse cycle units for your particular requirements at home or at work. Talk to us today about a quote on a new wall mounted split system or to repair your existing unit.

  • Evaporative A/C

    Cheaper and healthier, according to many in the industry and those that choose this form of cooling at home and for their business in South Australia. Utilising fresh air, which is cooled via moisture, it continuously creates a healthy flow of cooling air throughout the house or building.

    Proud Supplier of Fujitsu Air Conditioning

    Fujitsu has been recognised as “Australia’s Favourite Air”, as the leading brand since 2004. WHITE AIR SERVICES is a proud supplier of Fujitsu systems, because we know how reliable and ground breaking their technology is. Call us for a quote to install one at your place today.