• Beauty Salons in Croydon

  • The Doll House

    Looking beautiful for longer and feeling fabulous forever, that is what we want for you. The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic situated in North Adelaide specialise in offering anti ageing and beauty treatments to valuable clientele in Croydon and surrounding suburbs. Indulgences include exfoliating manicures, foot soaking pedicures, acrylic and bio sculpture gel nails, relaxing aroma wraps as well as aromatherapy body massages and tanning along with a full array of leg, body and facial waxing, just to name a few. Our beauty consultants, under the expert guidance of 20 plus years’ experience of master beautician, Lyrie, are primed to offer you indulgent treatments, an exhilarating experience and ensure you a flawless finish.

  • Anti Ageing Treatments

    Our motivation is to see your beaming smile radiating from within because feeling good goes hand in hand with looking good. Our treatments range from single applications to ongoing regular attendances. The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic provide diverse renowned treatments to keep you looking your most youthful. Harnessing the nourishment accessible in aromessences, our facial treatments will have your skin feeling activated, rejuvenated, nurtured and relaxed. Skin treatments will cover exfoliation with hydropeptides, collagen and elastin renewal with light therapy, detoxification with the Diamond Medi Pro lift as well as dermabrasion and peels, tinting and lash extensions. Because your comfort and health is our primary concern, hair reduction and removal require a half hour consultation prior to the commencement of treatments, the cost of which is redeemable on your initial treatment. Our therapists are industry specialists, happy to advise and encourage you to discuss your thoughts or concerns.

  • Beauty Treatments

    Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? Feeling beautiful provides an individual with such a euphoric warmth, but it does not stop there. This generates a cycle of sending out kindness and love, which has a flow on effect and this can only inspire good outcomes.  Our beauty treatments undertaken by fully trained and qualified beauticians, hair removalists, nail technicians and masseuses are second to none and cover the body all over and from top to toe. Foot massages, paraffin treatments, manicures, pedicures, perfect toe and finger nails, body massages, aromatherapy wraps, tanning and full body waxing will have your body leaving our salon floating on a cloud. You will have been detoxed, hydrated, toned, refined, stimulated then relaxed, shaped, buffed and coloured. We welcome you to challenge that we will not make you feel more beautiful and bountiful.


  • Extra Attractions

    Our pride is generated by your enthusiasm for our service, knowledge, delivery and products. Our beauticians are unequalled in their manner and proficiency and are matched in their excellence by the superlative products we choose to use. Our products largely contain safe ingredients and have been produced with environmental considerations in mind. Offering student discounts and regular specials allows everyone, from Croydon and across Adelaide, to delight in the experience of our wondrous Doll House salon. To share the love, we have the option of gift vouchers available for any service or value you determine and group bookings and special occasion events, such as bridal parties, are a specialty. Please call in or telephone to explore your wish list today.

  • Injectables (Botox & Fillers)

    The Doll House offer the latest injectables, often referred to as Botox and fillers. This procedure is performed by a registered nurse. We offer injectables by appointment only. Please contact us on the number provided, the contact form, or by using the click to call button on a mobile device.

  • Eyelash extentions

    If you're after incredible new lashes that will have people turning their heads. then the fantastic range of lashes that we have at The Doll House are second to none. We have a a large range of synthetic, silk and faux mink lashes that can be in any size from 6mm all the way up to 17mm. The whole process of having beautiful new lashes applied should only take around 2 hours and will leave you with a fantastic, seamless new look.