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    With 25 years servicing the electrical needs of Brompton, trust Michael from Adelaide Metro Electrical to get your job done. From fans, rewires, air conditioning and LED lights, to large challenging commercial projects, Michael has the solution for you. For an experienced, fully insured and licensed electrician right to your door, contact Adelaide Metro Electrical today.

  • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Services

    Adelaide Metro are the experts in the repair and maintenance of all levels of electrical systems. Whether your office, sporting club or church hall needs an overhaul, or your large manufacturing plant has wiring faults, Michael has the experience to get the job done.

    We also offer exceptional service to our domestic clients. If you’re after a simple power point, new aerial or need a split system installed, trust us to get it done. Our head electrician, Michael Jenkins, has years of industry know-how and can suggest improvements to make your home more energy efficient too.

    For all of your electrical needs, big or small, call Adelaide Metro Electrical today. 

  • Switchboard need upgrading?

    Switchboards play an important role to your property’s safety. If you still have a rewirable fuse box or a broken dated switchboard, you run the risk of fires starting in your electrical cables, your valuable appliances blowing or electrocution to your family. A simple solution is a switchboard upgrade by Adelaide Metro Electrical. Armed with automatic circuit breakers, safety switches and user friendly setups, a new switchboard will protect your home for years to come. Call Michael today for advice on the perfect switchboard solution for your home.

  • Why choose LED Downlighting?

    If you’re considering LED downlights for your home, get advice from Michael at Adelaide Metro Electrical. There are a myriad of reasons that LED downlights are the best choice for you. From instantly reducing your energy consumption by up to 80%, boasting a long lifespan and low running temperature, the choice is simple. Speak to Michael today for access to modern, stylish brands coupled with the best workmanship around. 

  • Make The Right Choice!

    Adelaide Metro Electrical offer a host of other services too. From home theatre, alarm and motion detector installation to new ceiling fans, data cabling and feature lighting, discuss your specific project with us. Michael Jenkins backs his work, and guarantees reliability, integrity and quality service that will leave you satisfied. Let Adelaide Metro Electrical be your local, affordable and trustworthy Brompton contractor today.

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