• Carpenters in Seaford, South Australia

    In the market for a carpenter? Do you want the assurance of dealing with a company which prides itself on its quality workmanship and wealth of experience? Prime Built Solutions are carpenters who build constructions meant to last. Whether you are looking at a new home, extension, renovation, deck or pergola, we build beautiful things which endure. Talk to us about the right price, the right time and the right way to do things.

  • Why Carpentry Matters

    Carpenters create the timber framework for your house or building to depend upon. Getting things right at the very beginning is important when building a quality home or extension. You want professionals who do not settle for anything less than perfection. Carpentry is not just banging in a few nails.

  • Talk to us Today

    At Prime Built Solutions, in Seaford, we offer ‘no obligation’ consultations to give you the chance to speak with an experienced builder about your construction needs. Understanding how things are put together can help you achieve your desired outcome in terms of a new home, deck, renovation or extension. You may discover new options that you did not know about and it may save you time and money. Our carpenters and builders service Seaford Rise, Seaford Meadows and Vista.

  • Jobs the Prime Built Solutions Do

    Whatever your carpentry requirements are we do not consider any job too big or too small:

    • New Homes
    • Knock Downs & Rebuilds
    • Additions
    • Renovations
    • Pergolas
    • Decks
    • Porticos
    • Colorbond Re-roofing
    • Sound Insulation for Home Theatres
  • Seaford Living

    Living in the area is often all about what you can see of the sea. Transform your home with a new deck, which will be your platform to coastal vistas. An addition such as this can dramatically increase the value of your home. Imagine dining al carte under the stars by the sea and/or soaking up the sun’s rays on balmy afternoons; a deck can enrich your South Australian experience.

  • Outdoor Construction

    Gardens light up with a pergola and afford extra space for entertaining. Make more use of your garden with a Prime Built Solution’s professionally constructed pergola. Christmas and special family get togethers can be celebrated outdoors in your new pergola.

  • Building a name you can Trust

    At Prime Building Solutions we are building a name that you can trust for quality carpentry in Seaford. Competitively priced and with a commitment to providing you with the best experience and outcome for all your commercial and residential construction requirements. Build it better with us!