• Cockatoo Roofing - The Roof Restoration Experts

    Cockatoo Roofing are South Australia's number one roof restoration and replacement service. Servicing the local Flagstaff Hill area and surrounds, we make sure we build local relationships, not just roofs.

    There are two things people look for when getting their roof restored. The first is the quality and the second is the price. Cockatoo Roofing use only the best quality paints for roof resprays, the best colorbond products and take pride in their workmanship.

    When it comes to pricing, Gordon, the owner of Cockatoo Roofing will beat any written quote. This makes him the lowest cost operator in the whole of Adelaide.

  • Save Thousands in Flagstaff Hill

    With so many companies offering gimmicks and deals to get you to sign, it's refreshing to know that Cockatoo Roofing offer no nonsense, lowest price quotes. Bring your written quote and Cockatoo Roofing will beat it. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just the lowest prices on the best quality roof restoration.

  • We Will beat Any Written Quote

    Everybody wants to save money these days, and there are reports of some roof companies charging thousands of dollars more than what the market value is. Remember it is important to get quotes and not be pressured into signing. Gorgon of Cockatoo Roofing will not only beat any written quote, but it's likely the methods and materials he uses will be superior.

  • Licensed and Insured Roofers

    Where possible you should always hire a licensed tradesman. This protects your insurance and safeguards you. Cockatoo Roofing hold valid ABN: 86 454 608 and Builders License: 258 264

  • Services Provided

    Cockatoo Roofing provide the following services:

    • roof maintenance and leak fixing
    • commercial work
    • lowest prices
    • beat any written quote

    • Ridge capping and repointing
    • roof tile replacement
    • gutter cleaning
    • heat proof paint

    • full roof restorations
    • 36 Roof colours
    • Colorbond Iron Roof
    • High pressure cleaning

  • Rave Reviews

    If Cockatoo Roofing have done work in Flagstaff Hill for you, please feel free to leave a review on their service. If you are looking at using their services, please check out the list of great reviews below.

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    3.4(based on 8 reviews)
    • Great roofing company. I had serious water issues and these guys fixed it a great price! Highly recommended! Jill Ermer 02/18/2016
    • Good guys, Recommended for roofing. Terry 02/18/2016
    • Very unreliable, dishonest and no work ethics. Takes Money without delivering Work promised Disappointed 03/19/2018
    • Asks for money in advance to "lock you in" and then nothing is done. I've lost $1000's from Gordon Wilson, and his shonky work is atrocious. I've had to fix them myself just to meet Australian standards. He's a joke and cannot be trusted with your time and money! Cheated 05/30/2018
    • Asks for money in advance to "lock you in" and then nothing is done. I've lost $3200 from Gordon Wilson, and his shonky work is atrocious. I've had to fix them myself just to meet Australian standards. He's a joke and cannot be trusted with your time and money! Ripped off 07/17/2018
    • GORDON WILSON IS A THIEF AND A LIAR. Don't believe anything that he says. He will take your money, wreck your property and leave you to chase him. He frequently attends the Adelaide Magistrates Court these days pleading financial hardship. BULLSHIT. He has fleeced so many people for thousands. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. Consumer Affairs are spineless - his builder's licence should have been revoked ages ago. Ring them up and tell them you have a complaint against Gordon Wilson and they will advise that he is on their list of businesses under investigation! Property Owner burned by Gordon Wilson 08/23/2018
    • I am a stupid man who lies to unsuspecting & trusting people, gets them to pay a huge deposit, leaves their roof in a mess and cons them out of thousands of dollars. I then disappear, won't answer your phone calls and move houses every 12 months. If you are smart enough to find me, you can take me to court and you will end up winning. But then you have to get your money from me........and that never happens because I cry financial hardship to the courts. Meanwhile I'm living the dream at Tennyson and flying off overseas to Bali. Gordon Wilson 09/05/2018
    • If any of you feel niave to trust & let down because they were scammed, please don't... I am writing this in hope that anyone that google searches GORDON ASHLEY WILSON'S name will read this (especially women as what he does to women is far worse) He proposed to a friend of mine (other women prior) after a very short amount of time. He used / abused and would not let them have much outside connection to the world....and took money from her! This man is a pathological and certified scam artist who knows exactly how to manipulate / destroy peoples lives to get what he wants....so please dont lose faith in the human kind for being good & trusting. This man is a clinical PSYCHO path that still stalks / manipulates and ruins women's lives.... ROPEABLE 10/12/2018