• Hot Water St Agnes

    Seeking a hot water plumber for your St Agnes, SA 5097 home or business? DJ Plumbing and Gas can help you with all your plumbing problems. For both commercial and domestic plumbing in the north-east suburbs of Adelaide, Daniel Jobson is a Master Plumber and Gasfitter. A hot water plumbing specialist, he can service, repair and replace all types of hot water heaters. When you really need a well-equipped mobile plumber to come to your aid, he is your man. Carrying all the latest plumbing technology, DJ Plumbing and Gas can save you time and money. Call 0422 579 365.

  • Hot Water Installation

    For that new hot water installation in St Agnes, remember the name DJ Plumbing and Gas. Plumbers know more about hot water heaters than most. Talk to a plumber before you purchase your next hot water system. Daniel can help you choose the right hot water unit for your home or business; there are so many different types of hot water heaters now available on the market. It is all about meeting the demand for hot water at your establishment.

  • Hot Water Service in St Agnes

    DJ Plumbing and Gas can fix your hot water service quickly and efficiently. For professional help when it matters most, Daniel is only a phone call away.

  • Welcome to DJ Plumbing and Gas

    Do you require a plumbing maintenance in the St Agnes area of SA? Trust a local licensed Master Plumber like Daniel. Daniel specialises in all residential plumbing and gas work as well as hot water services, fixing any leaks and drips and clearing blocked drains.

  • Services Provided

    DJ Plumbing and Gas are licensed to perform both domestic plumbing and also gasfitting services. Their owner and chief operator Daniel can clear out any blocked drains you may have and offer advice on maintenance. He will also fix any leaks or drips and replace any shower head, taps or pipework that is no longer functioning well. 

    As far as gas goes, gas leak detection is available, as is gas appliance servicing and replacement. Plus if you have any problems with your hot water systems, Daniel can fix or replace them whether they are electric or gas.


  • Find Local St Agnes Plumbers

    Support local businesses and get better service. Locals like DJ Plumbing and Gas can come to your job faster, and prioritise it no matter how big or small it is. Why? Because like you, they are St Agnes locals.

    Daniel is the owner of DJ Plumbing and Gas. When you call up you will speak directly to Daniel and he will be the one quoting and performing your work. Take a look at some of Daniel's rave 5 star reviews on his facebook page, and below. Feel free to leave a review yourself after hiring him.

    The primary focus at DJ Plumbing and Gas is customer satisfaction. This revolves around performing the tasks quickly and correctly, and offering a fair price. Daniel is proud of his great testimonials by past clients and aims to make you a satisfied customer.

  • Why Choose a Master Plumber?

    Why should you choose a Master Plumber? In the plumbing industry, like any industry, there are operators who may not have the correct qualifications, or may not abide by the right code of ethics. These operators can not only leave you open to bad practices, but can also cost you more through faulty workmanship, or overcharging.

    Master Plumbers Members are screened. Not everyone can become a Master Plumber, even if you are licensed, there are still ethics tests, and codes of practice you must uphold to remain a member. By hiring a Master Plumber you've made a decision to support licensed, ethical plumber, and it's a safeguard against poor practices.

    Daniel and his business DJ Plumbing and Gas are proud to be a member, and proudly display the logo.