• Real Estate Plympton Park

    Are you looking to buy, rent or sell in Plympton Park? Korn Real Estate are your local property agents in the south-western suburbs of Adelaide. The team at Korn have a wealth of experience in buying, selling and managing rental properties. If price matters to you, then they can deliver exceptional results on your behalf. Korn Wang, as Managing Director, has assembled a group of highly motivated sales professionals. They promise to be first on the scene and the last to leave when representing your real estate interests.

  • Property Management Plympton Park

    Plympton Park has recently seen an explosion in investment rental property sales and purchases, and Korn Real Estate has been busy. Property Manager Ian Wang is excited to have a substantial portfolio of properties under his astute care. Taking the hassle out of being a landlord and managing the care and maintenance of the rental properties means that investing in real estate has never been a better option. With negative gearing still supporting this end of the market; now is the time to make hay while the sun still shines.

  • Achieving High Sales Prices

    Achieving top purchase prices for vendors is what all the real estate sales people at Korn are committed to. They live and breathe the local property market; talk to an agent from Korn Real Estate today.

  • Real Estate Agents

    With Asian investment in the Australian property market at record highs, it pays to have some expertise on your side. Korn Real Estate have their ear very close to the ground when it comes to this exciting part of the market. If you are looking to sell your Plympton Park home, talk to the leading professionals in this part of town. Korn have a long list of potential buyers, and have built their success on repeat business and referrals. Money talks in the property market and contacts in the right places make a world of difference.

  • About Korn

    This family run real estate business prides itself on courtesy, respect and South Australian community values. Korn Real Estate is growing and going places, as it meets the challenges of the dynamic local property market with excitement and verve. Korn Wang promises that he and his staff will go that extra mile, or kilometre, on your behalf. They want your business and are prepared to work harder to get it.

  • Make Money This Year

    In the year of the Red monkey it is an auspicious time to make money; talking to a Korn Real Estate agent today, may be the best decision you ever make.

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