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    Diagnosing, tracing, and rectifying auto electrical faults on today’s modern vehicles is an extremely specialist field – and one that’s critical to get right. We’re driving new cars which rely on electrical components to run well. Choose an auto electrical team that’s been doing this for nearly 15 years, just like we have. At PK Mobile Auto Electrical, our men take care of cars and trucks routinely. Our team can quickly and cost effectively provides a solution for all types of auto electrical faults. If you live in Mawson Lakes, give us a call today on 0412 241 341.

    Mobile auto electricians. We come to you.

    Whatever issue you’re having, we’re the team to call. Our highly equipped mobile units to attend at your home, place of work, or virtually anywhere that your vehicle may be in the Adelaide area. Alongside the convenience of our mobile service, we also provide full workshop facilities at our modern premises in William Street, Beverley, for more involved repairs.

    Our specialist services include:

    • In-car radio and audio installations
    • Hands-free solutions
    • Battery and accessory fitting
    • Automotive air conditioning
    • Rewiring
    • Starter motors and alternators
    • Reverse camera kits, parking sensors, and cruise control – sales and installations
    • Engine cooling fans
    • EFI and ECU repairs and servicing
    • Heater issues
    • Dashboard warning and light diagnosis
    • ECU failure and common diesel problems
    • ABS and EPS diagnosis and repairs
    • Car batteries and car alarms
    • Parking sensors
    • Car immobilisers
    • Lights- front, rear, sides and inside.

    Dash warning lights

    Your dash might be telling you there’s a problem, so there are some things to watch out for. Keep an eye out for:

    Check engine light: An illuminated “check engine light” means your vehicle has diagnosed a potential emissions fault.

    Oil pressure warning light: If you see a warning light that says “oil”, don’t ignore it. This means your engine isn’t getting normal oil pressure. Stop driving and call us immediately.

    Temperature warning light: You’ll see an icon of a thermometer or a temperature warning light if your vehicle is too hot. Again, don’t ignore this. Let your engine cool down and call us in the meantime. We’ll check the coolant level in the radiator.

    Car won’t start? Losing power? Head lights not working? Dash fault lights on? Electric windows not working? Let us fix it. We service all car makes and models, so get in touch today.