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  • Mobile Mechanics in Everard Park

  • Keeping you vehicle in the best condition possible is something that is personally and financially beneficial to everyone, so you need a team that can ensure that it is done right so your car or vehicle will stand the test of time. At AA Mobile Mechanic we take an equal amount of time and care to make sure that your driving experience is a smooth and safe one. AA can provide you and your car with a large selection of automotive services such as car and vehicle servicing, repairs and maintenance, tune up and even detailing. We want to make sure that you get the full befits from your transport and will make it our goal to have it running to its absolute potential. Call us today for the best mobile mechanic service in town.

  • Servicing and Automotive Repairs

    Your vehicle should be regularly serviced at least every 10,000km, this will make sure that the oil is fresh and the engine is clean. Many people however overlook this, which can cost you big $$ in the long run. If you’re in need of oil and filter changes, which all vehicles will after a while, we can offer you the base service which involves this, as well as a detailed safety check on all vehicles, big or small. Our full log book service will not only include the oil filter and oil replacement; we will also check and inspect everything including the tyres, suspension, lights, exhaust and muffler, timing belt, fuel filter and pump as well as offer a wheel alignment if need be. During this, we will only use the industries best products such as Ryco, Mobil, and Goodyear and so on for all of our servicing and maintenance jobs. Not only do we offer servicing but we also offer repairs. We can have any mechanical problem fixed with your engine and even go as far as fixing and rewiring any electrical issues you may be experiencing. 

  • Car Detailing

    Are you tired of constantly trying to clean and scrub your car or vehicle only to have dirt and grime smudges all over it? Then you need a professional to give your vehicle a full, extensive detail. We care about cars and want to make it our gaol to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as the day it was built. How do we do this? We start by thoroughly washing and drying the outside of the car, followed by a deep wax using only the best car wax brands such as turtle wax and meguiar wax for that new shine finish. After the exterior is completed, we will vacuum the inside, clean the dash and consoles, clean the windows and finish it of with an amazing fragrance spray. This will make your vehicle seem like new again and provide a much more comfortable driving experience.

  • Car Tune Up

    Have you been spending big $$ on fuel for your vehicle? Does it seem to be running less efficiently lately? Then you may need a tune up by our talented team of mechanics. Our team with conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle and make sure that everything is in top condition. We will look at everything from the spark plugs and leads, ignition modules, coils, fuel filter, air filter and even the fuel lines and pump. This will ensure that your car is running at it maximum potential and not unnecessarily burning of fuel. We will guarantee that we will give you the cheapest and most competitive price on our tune ups and indeed all of our services.