• Vet Clinic Ingle Farm 

    For a veterinary practice with a team of high-quality staff ready to care for your pet, talk to us, Holden Hill Vet Clinic. Whether you need help training your new pet, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping or major surgeries, we’re your local vets. You can find us at 728 North East Road, so if you live in Ingle Farm 5098, then our Holden Hill Vet is your veterinarian. We’re not far from Ingle Farm.

    Call us today on 8261 9948. 

  • Are you a pet owner?

    As a pet owner, you’ve got a huge responsibility. Looking after your dog, cat, rabbit, rat or any other pet is like having a child. You have to feed it, clean up after it and make sure it’s healthy. Here are 10 tips for being a responsible pet parent.

    • Make their health your priority

    Ensure your pets have a top-quality healthcare plan. This includes regular examinations and check-ups.

    • Play outside with them regularly 

    Don’t go days without playing with them. Animals are born to be free, so head on outside.

    • Be their teacher

    They need you to teach them what’s right from wrong.

    • Clean up after them

    Be a responsible owner and clean up after their mess, inside and outside.

    • Consider their environment

    Where do they spend a lot of time? Think about how comfortable they are.

    • Always keep them safe

    You’re their parent, so it’s your job to keep them safe.

    • Have them microchipped

    If they ever get lost, you’ll be able to find them using the microchip.

    • Take them to the vet

    This goes without saying. Just like you need a doctor, your pet needs a vet.

    • Listen to what they’re telling you (without actually telling you)

    Your pet can’t talk, so you need to know how to listen to what they’re telling you, through their actions and behaviour.

    • Show them love

    Always show them how much you adore them, just as they do to you. 

  • About Holden Hill Vet Clinic

    Choose the vet clinic with a combined 44 years of experience. That’s nearly five decades of helping animals in South Australia stay healthy and happy.

    At Holden Hill Vet Clinic, we’re a vet clinic that truly cares. Family owned and non-corporate, you’ll love our personalised service. We offer a complete range of treatments including routine check-ups, surgeries and specialist services. They include:

    • Vaccinations
    • Desexing
    • Microchipping
    • Pet dentistry
    • Grooming
    • Soft tissue and bone surgery
    • Minor and major surgery
    • Lump and tumour removals
    • Radiology
    • Behavioural consulting
    • Skin and dermatology
    • Small animal medicine
    • Stem cell therapy.

    Talk to us about any of these services today.