• Eyelash Extensions Marion

    ‘Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder!!’ Our eyelash extension team at The Doll House believe the beholder should have the most beautifully adorned eyes possible. And it is our desire to provide you with the services, product knowledge and delivery know how that get you traveling from Marion to North Adelaide to be pampered with these services. Looking your best will have us looking our best and we endeavor to have you shaped, threaded, waxed, tinted and tweezered to perfection, every time, to keep you faithfully coming back to repeat the look.

  • Eyelash Extension Expertise

    Enhancing natural beauty, volumising your existing lashes or going all out for a show girl style look, we are the experts to make it happen for you.  We take pride in using premium lashes and adhesives as well as continually staying ahead of current trends and training techniques. Our supplies range from 6mm to 17mm lengths and are available in synthetic, silk or faux mink materials. We use tried and tested adhesives that are designed to minimise sensitivities. Each eyelash extension is attached and adhered to an existing natural lash until the desired fullness and look is achieved. Your natural lashes have a regular growth process meaning that along with your natural lash falling out, your eyelash extension will also fall out at some point with it. It is expected that your eyelash extensions will have a lifespan of about six to eight weeks and we recommend maintenance appointments three to four weekly for optimum preservation. The complete look can be rounded out with waxing, eyebrow shaping, threading and tinting. Our aim is to get you looking your best and supporting you to stay looking your best.

  • Salon Services

    Having more than twenty years of servicing the beauty and anti ageing industry provides invaluable knowledge and know how in all related areas. The Doll House, under the expert tutelage and management of Lyrie, with her twenty years of as a beauty queen, will surpass your every expectation. Offering countless services, such as massaging, waxing, spray tans, manicures, pedicures, peels, lifts, wraps, facials, eyelash extensions and so on as well as having access to exclusive brand name products, ensures The Doll House stays forefront in the minds of beauty minded individuals if they want superior services. Whether you are heading to us from Marion or making your way from down the road, you want and are entitled to the best of the best. Operating out of what is reminiscent of a ‘doll house’ with scented rooms ready to envelop you as you are pampered and preened, our team are ready to offer you the best and are awaiting your arrival.