• #1 Electricians in Bellevue Heights

    If you are seeking a qualified electrician for your Bellevue Heights home or business, Sparrow Electrician help. Jake Sparrow has assembled a team of specialist electrical technicians servicing the City of Mitcham, Adelaide. With 6 vans on the road every day, they are ready to respond to your emergency electrical repair or enquiry. Sparrow Electrics utilise the most up to date technology and top quality electrical parts and fittings. If quality and reliability are important to you, whether you require commercial or residential electrical servicing, call us today.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The twenty first century now offers us opportunities to reduce our energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels to produce electricity. Sparrow Electrics. If you know what is going on with your electrical system you can save money on your power bills through new energy efficient technologies. Give your family the security of safe electrics at your home or business.

  • Solar Power

    Why do so many South Australians choose solar power? Is it because we have an ideal climate to harness the free energy of the sun? Solar makes economic sense and is the smart energy option in today’s high tech world. Sparrow Electrics has designed and installed a vast variety of solar applications for both residential and commercial requirements in Adelaide. Talk to one of their experienced technicians about the right PV solar system for your Bellevue Heights home or business.

  • Home Theatre

    Home theatres are a great way of sharing special moments with your family. Sparrow Electrics are home theatre installation specialists. Getting professional help can dramatically improve the audio/visual quality of your new home theatre. If you are going to do it in your Bellevue Heights’ home, why not do it properly?

  • Customer Service Matters

    Jake Sparrow says, “I have built my business on providing 100% customer satisfaction, wherever possible.” It begins with getting one Up Front price; and no hidden extras. You can make an informed choice if you know the parameters. Sparrow Electrical arrive on time at the appointed time! When you make your appointment with the technician you are given a small window of time for their ETA; so that you can get on with the rest of your day. No more annoying waiting around endlessly! They call you on approach. Making things more manageable is all part of their customer service in Bellevue Heights. Call 1300 MUELLER to experience their point of difference.

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