• Solar in Noarlunga

  • Solar Noarlunga

    Solar energy is amazing. A completely free and renewable source of energy, available in abundance from the sun’s rays, it is then converted into light, heat and electricity using photovoltaic cells built in to the solar panels. Greener Housing Solutions are excited about solar energy systems and greener solutions, generally and recommend a visit out to your home or business premises in Noarlunga to provide a free quote and consultation on the best system to suit your property. Solar systems exist in more than 2 million Australian homes currently and we endeavor to keep increasing this number. Greener Housing Solutions will astound you with our passion for and knowledge about everything solar.

  • Solar Energy Service

    Darren English, owner and operator of this family business for over 10 years, is highly experienced, appropriately licensed, accredited by the Clean Energy Council and well reputed in the industry. Darren is supported by a team of qualified and proficient tradespeople who go above and beyond in service, knowledge and delivery. Specialists in the design and installation of Solar Power Systems, Greener Housing Solutions also promote the strengths of having a Solar Power Battery Backup as well as cleaning and full servicing of Solar Power Systems. We are well practiced in determining the benefits of adding on to or upgrading your existing system. A newer system of solar panels incorporating the Micro Inverters is becoming increasingly popular and we are able to provide a complete overview of this system. Additionally, Greener Housing Solutions can provide licensed service technicians for your standard electrical work, to supply and install ‘ecoflo’ heating and cooling systems, to advise on, supply and install all manner of rainwater tanks, to supply and install LED lights and to undertake to survey your electrical equipment and components using thermal imaging.

  • Solar Energy Specifics

    Solar energy was first discovered nearly 200 years ago, but has become better known as a valuable source of alternative energy production in the last 50 years. Solar energy can only be produced with solar panels, technically known as a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Simplified, the sun’s rays beam down hitting the solar panels which contain the photovoltaic cells. It is in these cells where the light is converted into energy and this energy is then in a useable state to power your hot water or electricity, for instance. Installing a battery backup system can take a grid connected solar system to another level by potentially eliminating your electricity bill, providing you free electricity at night and providing backup during a grid failure. Speak to Greener Housing Solutions today and further discuss the advantages of a solar energy system in your life and you can then identify the best battery backup system for your system.

  • Solar Installation and Maintenance

    The interest of Greener Housing Solutions is to feed our customers with superior information about going solar so that the energy produced may then feed their grid and our customers hard earned money won’t be going to feed the utility companies. Even if you are a novice solar energy shopper in Noarlunga, we guarantee our enthusiasm for solar energy will turn your mind to the great savings in store for you and for the environment on going solar. Greener Housing Solutions are expert in establishing an individual design specific to your homes configuration, direction, size, existing energy usage and budget. Following our premium installation, we will be available for system servicing, panel cleaning, routine maintenance and any system refinements or upgrades. Greener Housing Solutions are energised when it comes to customer service and await your call to get our mutual energies in sync today.