• Pergolas in Adelaide Hills

  • Design & Construction

    If you’re lucky enough to reside in the Adelaide Hills, why not spruce your already amazing home up with a fantastic and well crafted pergola design. We have created and built many custom pergolas over the years to suit every style of home and every personal lifestyle. We believe in investing in your home and maximising your outdoor space, whilst also adding value to it. 

    A beautifully crafted custom pergola is a great way to bring a new sense of enjoyment to your family’s living space. We are committed to providing impeccable service to all of our clients and our level of service and professionalism can be seen in our workmanship and large amount of referrals. We are also offering anyone who has a pergola or decking fitting up to 50% off, so why not have your dream outdoor setting provided by us.

    Call us today on 1300 712 030 and get a free no obligation quote, and see how we can help you achieve your dream today. 

  • About Us

    We look forward to every client we meet. It is a passion of ours to be able to sit down and achieve the dream that so many people have about their outdoor living spaces. Our qualified team have been I the industry for so many years and have the skills and experience to bring your dream to life.

    We believe that every pergola should reflect your lifestyle and the design of your home, which is why we only use the best sourced materials and product from around the world. We vigorously test and research every possible product to make sure that it meets our standards of craftsmanship, and your standards for your home. We can guarantee that we will show you a new world in your backyard that you never though possible, while giving you the best service with an unprecedented reputation for being the best pergola designers and builder in the industry. 

  • Why our Pergolas will transform your home

    A well designed pergola is something that can really set of a house in a fantastic way. Not only will it provide you with year round protection from the elements, it will also give you a much more inviting backyard that you and your family can enjoy. We specialise in designing and constructing colour bond pergolas, for more modern homes, and timber designs for the more classic home to bring it a nice rustic feel. 

    Every pergola should be different and it should reflect the style of your home and lifestyle. Whether you want one for just casual hangouts, or one for entertaining, we can make it happen for you. We will take the time to sit with you to fully understand what your needs re and make sure we apply every detail into the final build. We will then design up a draft so you have a visual idea of what it will look like. Once this process is done and you say “that’s perfect” we will begin to acquire the quality materials to start the construction and installation process. We can build and fit to any style of home, no mater the size, and shape or space limitations. 

  • Why Choose Us

    There are many pergola designers and builders who will try and use cheap imported materials to maximise their profits, this is something we are hugely against. All of our products and materials have been thoroughly researched and tested to make absolutely sure you are getting a quality outdoor area. Our expert team have spent many years designing, building and perfecting their craft to bring you your dream outdoor living space without compromise. 

    We want to set a new standard for outdoor design so you know you will always get what you expect to get without it hurting your wallet. We will beat any quote that anyone shows you and will make the transition form a depleted outdoor area, into one that really shines and makes your lifestyle, a much better one.