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  • AA Mobile Mechanic

    For quality service and professional advice in the North Plympton area for your car, ute or 4WD, you can’t drive past AA Mobile Mechanic. The team at AA pride themselves on their wide range of expertise, attention to detail and commitment to getting it right the first time, every time.

    If you’re after a logbook service, radiator repairs, a tune up or a simple safety check, give them a call today. It’s easy! Use the click to call option, or fill out the contact form right now. We are one of the leading mobile mechanics in North Plympton and will come to you to service and fix any issues you may be having with your vehicle.

  • Best Mechanic in North Pylmpton

    With a wealth of knowledge and skills between them, the mechanics at AA Mobile Mechanic have a range of unique specialisations. One of the team is well versed in servicing LPG, so your gas system can be checked and adjusted to ensure optimal performance.

    AA Mobile Mechanic have a well-equipped workshop and are committed to finding the right parts and products for your vehicle. Give them a call or drop in to the workshop today.

  • Vehicle & Car Tuning

    Bring in your car for a tune up, and the team at AA will do a full diagnosis and find out the necessary repairs to be carried out. A good tune up will help you to use as little fuel as is necessary, and ensure you are getting the best out of your car.

    AA will check your car and replace any spark plugs, test the ignition and replace air and fuel filters. Computer systems can be scanned for faults and repairs can be made.

    Bring in your classic car for a tune up and have your ignition timing checked and adjusted, along with your condensers, ignition points and carburetors.

  • Servicing and Detailing

    There are a range of servicing and detailing options at AA Mobile Mechanic. You can get a minor service, which includes a full written report and safety check, or a full log book service, which will protect your warranty and have your car in peak condition. Using the manufacturer’s recommended product, Viva can perform a service, stamp your logbook and you can be confident your car is in good shape.

    Come in for a detailing package to suit your needs and budget. The Gold detailing service includes a wash of the interior and exterior, wax, vacuum, fragrance, tyre blackening, wheel rims cleaned, mirrors and windows, while a platinum service will get you all of that as well as an engine degrease, replacement wiper blades and rejuvenation of the wiper arms.