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    Live in Plympton and looking for new car tyres? You’re not far from a Goodyear Tyre and Auto care shop – at 253 Richmond Road, Richmond. Please use the contact form, to get in touch with us. You can search by your vehicle make and model, to get a quote too. We’ve got dozens of tyres to choose from, so get in touch today.

  • About Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    You probably know the Goodyear Tyre and Auto name. We’re known for our tyres. We’re an international brand, which is a testament to the quality of our service. But what you may not know is that our focus is on supporting local towns. We have a number of tyre and auto care shops around Adelaide… making it easy to find a tyre specialist that you can rely on – one that understands local roads and tyre needs.

  • What are tyres made of?

    Car tyres are made of rubber – to give traction between the road and car, while being flexible. Rubber absorbs shock, so it’s a very adaptable material. Car tyres typically use synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire.
    Buta tyre is also made of a lot more than just rubber. Some of the other components which you may not know about are fibre, textile, and steel. These materials go into the tyre’s innerliner, bead assembly, body piles, sidewalls, belts, and tread. The Tyres offered by Goodyear and Dunlop are made to the highest standards to keep your car safe on the road.

  • Are Your Current Tyres roadworthy?

    All tyres fitted on your car must have a minimum tread depth of 1.5mm… at any point of the tread. If your tyres feature tread wear indicators, you’ll be able to easily see how close you are from replacing your tyres. The tread mustn’t be worn so that it comes into contact with the surface of the road. Your tyres should also never have any deep cuts, bulges, cracks, or exposed chords.

    Here are some tips on keeping your car tyres roadworthy.

    • Ask for advice from a tyre specialist
    • DIY checks – know what you’re looking for
    • Look for rust or anything that will breakdown the surface
    • Keep a logbook of when you changed your tyres – this is also great for when you want to sell the car.

    If you’re unsure about how your current tyres stand the test of time, contact Goodyear Tyre and Auto. We’ll be able to tell you straight away if your tyres are roadworthy or not – and how much life you’ve got left in them.