• Pre Purchase Inspections in Southern Suburbs

  • Regardless of whether you are a landlord, preparing to sell your home or considering investing in a new one, a comprehensive building and pre purchase inspection report from us is one of the most important documents and services you can have.

    We specialise in providing the absolute best home and building inspections in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide. Our reports are inspections are thoroughly undertaken to find even the slightest problems with any property you may want to invest in. This process can give you a better understanding of the condition and structural quality of what you want to invest in or sell. This can give you clear insight and work as a great bargaining chip to negotiate a lower buying price or even a higher selling price

    Our team has over 25 years experience in what we do and we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and quality work. If you’re in Adelaide’s South then call us today on 0401 943 974 and see what services we can offer you. 

  • Pre Purchase and Building Inspections

    Did you know that more than 35% of Australian homes and building for sale have structural problems? This is a fact that not many people know, and it can cost them dearly in the future. This is something that you should not risk when wanting to invest or sell a property.

    Our qualified team of inspectors will come to whatever property or building you may be interested in and provide an extensive, thoroughly look through of the property. Generally we look over everything from the structural quality, plumbing, electrical, floors and roofing all the way down the little things like the windows seals and doors. We never miss anything and can follow up with an easy to read but very detailed report on anything that we find that might devalue your investment.

    With our pre purchase and building inspection service, you can make the right choice in whether or not to buy or sell you property, and what expenses you will have to go through if you choose to go through with it. We will have the report to you on the same day as the inspection to give you the piece of mind you deserve, as early as possible. Also anyone who combines their pre purchase and building inspection with our termite and pest inspection will receive $100 the final cost, so you can save money while getting the full knowledge yo need. 

  • Termite and Pest Inspections

    Termites, borers and fungal decay are some of the biggest pest problems for home and property owners, because they can go unnoticed for months or even years. Many of the common infestations do not show any outward symptoms or signs for a very long time, despite resulting in extensive structural damage.

    To combat this, we use industry leading technology called Termartrac T3i. This is an x-ray device that can accurately and precisely pin point any pest infestation and even where it originated from. We can then advise you about the extent of the infestation and the likely cost of repair before you buy. If infestations are identified before they have the chance to spread, they can eb dealt with quickly and affordably. 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    During your time in your new property, they are going to come moments when a pipe might burst, a floorboard might crack or a window might break. When you have a full priced inspection with us, you will have access to our incredibly 24/7 emergency service, which is absolutely FREE for the first 12 months. All you do is call our 1300 number and we will direct your call to the exact inspector that looked over your property before you bought it. They will then be able to diagnose the situation and provide you with the bets trades’ person suited to fix the problem in the shortest time frame.

    You can call day or night, any hour of the day and we will assist you with having any issue you may be having as swiftly and professionally as possible.