• Roof restoration Aberfoyle Park

    With a roof restoration, your look won’t look anything like it used to… it’ll look brand new. No more cracks. No more faded tiles. No more worn out gutters. If you want a premier roof restoration company to transform your roof, talk to us.

    We help Aberfoyle Park residents every day. And we can help you too.

  • Transform your old roof

    It’s easy to forget about the state of a roof, because it’s not something we’re presented with every time we’re at home… until we walk outside. As your roof gets older, you’ll probably notice any of the following:

    • Leaks and moisture
    • Broken or cracked tiles
    • Mould
    • Blocked gutters

    This is why regular roof repairs and maintenance is important. Prolong the life of your roof and transform its look, with a roof restoration.

  • About Star Rating Solutions

    At Star Rating Solutions, we focus our attention on our workmanship, products and customer service. By investing in us, you’re investing in your future. You’ll save money, save time, and save stress. We’re passionate about improving not only our homes but also the world we live in. So you can rest assured that all of our products support this.

    We’ve been doing this for 25 years.

  • Benefits of Roofing Repairs

    The major advantage of a roof restoration is the money you’ll save. Of course, you have to outlay a figure, but it’s less much less than a brand new roof. In fact, you can save up to 50% of the costs of building a new roof.

    By using the latest equipment and technology, you’ll experience less leaks, cracks, and fading. And that isn’t even touching on the aesthetic and commercial value a restoration adds to your home. If you ever plan to sell your home, this can be one of the unique selling points.

    Weighing up the positives compared to the initial outlay, a roof restoration is the way to go – especially if you’re already seeing signs of wear and tear.

    Many homeowners are choosing to get a replacement, instead of a brand new roof.

    Thinking about fixing your roof? Get in touch by calling us on 1300 806 908 or emailing us through the contact form at the bottom of the page. Or if you’re just browsing, make an enquiry for your roofing project

    We also install roller shutters and natural insulation, so feel free to reach out about that too. Let’s raise the roof!

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