• Builders in Seaford

  • The difference a qualified builder can make to your projects is fundamental in getting the overall project desire that you want. At Prime Built Solutions, we are that builder and e want to help you get on track to having those projects you’ve wanted to do, finished. We have an expert team that can tackle any challenge from renovating your home, fitting out your shop, or even building an outdoor kitchen. We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and in that time have built up a wealth of knowledge and skill that leaves every customer in awe over the quality of our work and service.

    We are constantly on the road and are always working in and around Seaford (5169), so if you’re looking for the best builder near you, call us on 0410 530 510 and have your FREE consultation today!

  • Home Extensions

    Looking at adding a little more room to your home? Have a baby on the way and need a new room to accommodate? Then you need a home extension that can suit your needs. We are one of the best home extension businesses in the industry and accommodate your needs and wants into the build. If you’re after a new bedroom, more space in your kitchen, a larger lounge room, or even a brand new room to house something like a cinema room, we can make it happen and will ensure that it is the best quality build at the cheapest price. We can even knockdown any walls that may be dividing two rooms so it can be transformed into one larger space that can be used for anything. 

    Outdoor Decking and Gazebos

    Is your backyard looking a bit empty? Then a new gazebo could be the perfect solution to your problem. Having a quality built outdoor gazebo can provide a new area for you and your family to enjoy the outdoor life without having to worry about the weather. They can be used all year round and can even be used for functions like birthdays and even weddings. We use all Australian materials in all of our builds to ensure the best quality build. While you’re at it, we can also offer a fantastic decking solution to your outdoor space. We use some of the best quality materials such as hardwood and treated pine to bring a new look and functional build to your backyard that will not only look great, but greatly increase the value of your home. 

  • Renovations

    If you currently own a home but feel like the inside may be a bit old and dilapidated, then you need a renovation team that can make it shine like new again. We have an amazing team of skilled trade’s people that can renovate any home of any size and build. If you’re after a brand new kitchen, a new bathroom, new laundry, or even need a wall knocked down to make two rooms into one, we can have it done. It does not matter on the age or condition of your home, if you have one; we can make the inside look like a brand new home at the most competitive price.

    Loft and Garage Conversion

    If you own a loft and its just sitting there, not serving any purpose, then what are you doing? A well designed and functional loft could be your ticket to financial gain. We can convert any style of loft into a new multiple purpose area can serve as either an apartment, complete with a new kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and so on, a new studio or even a new office block. This means you could be renting or even selling something that an put more $$$ into your pocket. If you also own a garage and don’t feel like it’s being used to its potential, then we can also convert it into a more functional space. We can build and install new cabinets, shelves, tool boxes, TV’s and anything else you can think of so you’re getting the maximum use out of it and not just using it as a car space. 

  • Bar and Shop fit outs

    If you’re a bar of shop owner, and your premises is looking a little out-dated and not with the times, then its time you had a bar or shop fit out. We can custom design, build and install an array of new products and builds to make your premises shine lie new and bring it into today’s style. We can build everything to accommodate your store or bar such as cabinets, benches, racks, counters, and anything else you may want to make the most vibrant and beautifully designed place it can be. This will ensure that new and old customers will continue to come back and be in awe every time they do.

    How much do builders cost?

    While we would like to give you a one of price for every job, it all comes down to the job in question, the materials used, and the length of the job undertaken. If you would like to know an exact amount, call us today and one of our staff can offer you a free quote. We will assure you that we will offer you the most competitive price at the highest standard of work.