• Air Conditioning in Christies Beach

  • WHITE AIR SERVICES is your go-to team when it comes to the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and temperature control systems. What Mark White started as a small one-man business has now grown into a team of professional tradesmen delivering outstanding services to the Christies Beach home and business owners. To give you a more professional service we also do new construction and alterations, as well as full electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. 

  • Split Systems A/C

    You like it hot. She likes it cold. They like it mild. If this is the situation in your home or office, then you need a split system installed. Every room’s temperature can be controlled independently, to keep the whole team happy. It is easy to install – no roof works or ducts, and it looks good in any style home. Our wide range of brands like Mitsubishi and Fujitsu will ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Con

    The ideal time to install a ducted air con system is during construction, but if you missed that opportunity it’s not too late. Provided your home has enough space in the roof or ceiling, we offer an after-build installation that will look as good as if it was there from the start. Our wide range of products ensures that your new temperature control system will look as sleek and professional as a newly build. Extra benefits include a central control panel and variable speed motors. For ease of mind, low maintenance and cool looks, contact us now.

  • Choosing between an evaporative and refrigerated systems

    Knowing the difference between evaporative systems and refrigerated systems forms a good foundation for deciding which system best suit your needs. Refrigerated systems are energy efficient, has a heating and cooling function, can work at different speeds and are better for people with allergies. Evaporative systems are economical, eco-friendly and pull in fresh air from outside – which unfortunately might make it less effective in humid conditions.

    Our clients call us polite, friendly, efficient, and reliable. They think we go the extra mile to deliver great service. We believe in professional workmanship with a can-do attitude. We advise, deliver and install all types of air conditioning and temperature control systems in time, on budget and to the highest industry standard. Give us a call today and experience our top quality service in your Christies Beach home.