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    Australian Medical Travel are specialist providers of cosmetic, reconstructive and dental restorative treatment, expertly coordinating medical travel out of Adelaide. Cosmetic and medical holidays, travelling to destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia, are becoming increasingly popular and our first rate services and delivery of your medical travel will have you singing our praises, joining the countless reports of outstanding results from other clients. From the first contact with you at our complimentary consultation, Australian Medical Travel will ensure that every step along the way you remain informed and that you are kept well informed and able to assist in making decisions that impact on you. 

  • Global Accreditation

    Australian Medical Travel has access to a global network of highly skilled and experienced Doctors, Nurses and medical support staff to attend to your cosmetic and dental surgery needs. Adelaide has esteemed surgeons well versed in their field, but the exclusive accreditation held by Australian Medical Travel through the Medical Tourism Association provides a competitive edge in being able to hand select the Doctors with whom we wish to have conduct operations on our clientele. In addition, Australian Medical Travel has the ability with this accreditation to inspect and stipulate where cosmetic and dental work will be carried out at internationally accredited hospitals and medical facilities.

  • Cosmetic and Dental Holidays

    It has been customary, historically, that many people save for a number of years to take the trip of their lifetime. It would be a great idea to combine such a trip with any cosmetic or dental procedures as undertaking these procedures at the same time effectively negates the cost of the flights and accommodation. The ranges of cosmetic surgeries available are numerous and include eye surgery, tummy tucks, nose corrections, liposuction and breast augmentations to name a few, while dental treatments include crowns, veneers, extractions and implants. Please contact Australian Medical Travel to obtain comprehensive information about the procedures and options for medical travel available.


  • Highest Quality Medical Focus

    Australian Medical Travel has been involved extensively in the coordination of cosmetic, reconstructive and dental procedures for their clients and has the most efficient cosmetic holiday system combined with access to highly reputable Doctors. When arrangements are made to travel overseas from your home in Adelaide, to undertake cosmetic, reconstructive or dental treatments you want to be assured of the highest quality of Doctors and nursing staff available, world leading hospitals and medical facilities complete with premium health care standards. At Australian Medical Travel, our point of difference is ensuring the highest quality medical focus and we invite you to call us today to learn more about our valuable services.