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    Think of your mechanic as your car’s protector. We know you expect a great service from your mechanic, and that’s why we’ve got the RAA stamp of approval – so you don’t just have to take our word for it. Whatever issue you’re having with your car, or if you’re just looking for a reliable company to maintain your car, talk to Elizabeth South Auto Centre. We’re just around the corner of Edinburgh Park, at 2 Bayer Road Elizabeth South. Give us a buzz on 8255 2506 if you prefer to chat to us first.

    About Elizabeth South Auto Centre

    At Elizabeth South Auto Care Centre, your car is our priority. From the moment you call or drive in with your car, you’ll notice the difference in our service. From our helpful staff to our in-depth analysis of your car’s needs, we take care of you and your car. And we’ve been doing this since 1996. We’re not just mechanics… we’re car whisperers. We speak, live and breathecars. Engines, bodies, and parts… we have it down to a science.

    What is a logbook service?

    There are different types of servicing, when it comes to looking after your car. One of them is logbook servicing. A logbook service follows a set of guidelines, provided by the specific car manufacturer. It outlines the tasks we should complete and what to look out for at – in order to keep your car in the best shape possible. Making sure that each service is completed on time can also help you maintain your car warranty issued by your dealer or manufacturer. Our other services include steering, suspension, safety checks, fuel pump, engine tuning, brakes, shock absorbers, cooling system flushing, and more. If there’s something specific that you need help with, chat to us. We do it all.

    Full service and tune-ups

    Then there’s the full service and regular tune-ups. From testing your engine, checking and tightening loose bolts, and clearing out gunk, a full service is like a miracle turnaround. Your engine will purrwith life, instead of sputtering to start. Your gears will shift easier and the engine will rev beautifully. There’s nothingquite like the sound of a fully serviced and tuned car. We like to call it poetry in motion…

    We can work on all makes and models, including Toyota, Jeep, Subaru, Lada, Daewoo, and Alfa Romeo. There’s not a car we can’t fix!