• Fibreglass Pools in Adelaide

    If you are considering fibreglass pool installation for your Adelaide home or business, Statewide Pools are the best in the business. Best quality and best priced inground swimming pools in South Australia. They won’t be beaten on price, so, do yourself a favour and check them out. For twenty years, Statewide has been the number one choice for manufacturing and retail sales. Their superior value over all other competitors is so entrenched, because they began the whole business of making and selling fibreglass products in this state. Not resting on their laurels, by any means, they continue to lead the way in innovation. As Australian leaders in the production of composite pools, they utilise the latest technologies and industry know-how to build you a better pool at the right price.

  • Prices

    Being a manufacturer, as well as retail supplier, gives Statewide a distinct advantage in pricing of their swimming pools. Their fibreglass pool prices are the best in Adelaide and they won’t be beaten on price. South Australians know a good deal when they see one; and a composite pool from Statewide stands out from the rest. Their founder and owner oversees every pool that they construct and ensures that your pool will be built to the very highest standards. Talk to a customer representative today about your requirements.

  • Concrete Vs Fibreglass

    Statewide do not only claim that composite swimming products are better than concrete products, just because they make the former. In fact, they build both concrete and fibreglass products, so they know what they are talking about. In Adelaide, if you want an in-ground swimming pool for your home or business, Statewide provide a complete turn-key solution. They are your one stop shop for swimming pools in South Australia; including all your poolside accessories. They can advise you on the pros and cons of both types of products. Swimming pool construction specialists can design, build and install your perfect swimming pool.

    Composites don’t crack, they come in a dazzling array of colours, there is no need to spend money on costly tiling and they win hands down on price. Imagine your Turquoise or Aqua Jade swimming pool! Or, striking Bermuda Blue or Red Lilac. How about Emerald Green or Ivory Sand? Choose from more than a dozen distinctly gorgeous colours. If you are looking for a low maintenance product for all the family to enjoy, is the go. If you wish to avoid expensive repairs down the track, choose one of ours. If you want a quick install, so that you can be enjoying your new fun spot as soon as possible, then a composite product is your best option.

    Concrete products are for those who want a specific designer pool shape outside of what is considered industry standard. Statewide They offer fifteen differentl shapes and sizes. A concrete product may suit those who wish to create a unique natural landscape around and including the pool, with rock features, beach entries and grottos. When cost is not an issue, then a concrete pool may be your preferred choice. Statewide would be happy to build you the concrete swimming pool of your dreams in Adelaide.

  • About

    If your new swimming pool is important to you; and you want it built by the best, then Statewide are there for you. If you are looking for the best price on your new pool, then Statewide pools has a fantastic range of fibreglass swimming products for your home or business. Exceptional quality and at exceptionally competitive prices. Installing in your backyard is a major undertaking and you want the assurance that comes with experience and expertise. South Australians have been dealing with this company for over twenty years and they show no signs of anything but satisfaction. Superior workmanship, top quality materials and the most comprehensive customer service in Adelaide, all combine to deliver the best fibreglass pools in the country.

  • Poolside Features

    Statewide Pools can design and build a variety of stunning features to accompany your below ground swimming pool. Tasteful fence features can capture and define the essence of your swimming pool architecture. A feature wall can provide both structural and decorative form to your pool area. Glass features can be lit to offer a magical luminous ambience to your designer swimming pool. Waterfalls and spa features can incorporate a resort like feeling to your composite product. Statewide can transform the landscape around your home, or place of business, in Adelaide to deliver another world; and dramatically increase property resale values. For fibreglass pools in this city there is one name you can rely on to build you a better pool at the right price, Statewide Pools.