• Quality & Affordable Plumber

    Your number one option for all matters plumbing and gas, We commit to serving you and servicing all your emergency plumbing and gas requirements. From taps, basins and toilets to drains, pipes and tanks, there are no jobs we would consider too small or too large. Qualified to take on domestic work as well as commercial jobs, we can also advise and assist on new builds as competently as existing facilities. The know how gained from over 38 years of a family run business is invaluable and we offer you this at every call out and job, standing alongside our tradespeople. Our commitment to you is impeccable service and workmanship with a no call back guarantee.

  • Local Plumbing and Gas Services

    We have a keen interest in plumbing works in local Tea Tree Gully. A wonderful tree filled suburb presenting such picturesque paths to meander through has potential ramifications for underlying pipework and drains. Our enjoyment comes from your uninterrupted access to your water and gas and we regard it as highly important that obstructions in your supply should be dealt with professionally and fully. These underground tree roots are just the type of work we revel in.  Not to forget, it doesn’t matter whether you have a running toilet, a dripping tap, a leaking basin or no water supply at all, we will investigate, isolate and restore your service or fixture to its proper working capacity.

    A hot water service that is not providing you hot water is useless. We will repair or replace your non-functioning system and leave you to steam up that bathroom mirror. A gas space heater that isn’t warming your home will be repaired or replaced by one that will bring a smile and warm your soul (as well as your toes). Renovations of your wet areas and overhauls of your kitchen and cooking space is also in our area of specialty. The basic provision of water and gas can bring about such positivity and that is the motivation behind our every attendance; to effect the changes you require and make you a happy, satisfied customer. Additionally, if your interest is in solar, gas or electrically powered units, these can be advised upon at your convenience.

  • Free Quotes & The Best Prices

    Our customer base is our most valuable asset. We are committed to investing back into our asset to maintain our prime position in the industry. Aside from the consistent application of our highest standard of work at each and every job, we aim to provide the most competitive and affordable pricing per job directly aligned with the scope of the work. Our no obligation free quote offers you comfort and confidence in our ability to carry this out and we encourage you to request our attendance at your premises or work site to advise and assess your job to start this process. We have every faith we will surpass your expectations on every level and we look forward to your call. Get the cheapest plumbing prices and get the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry

  • How much will it all cost?

    The overall cost of hiring us will greatly depend on the job at hand. Simple fixes like a leaking tap or a blocked drain can usually be undertaken at a fairly low cost. Some of the bigger jobs such as burst underground pipes, storm water, new hot water installation and advanced repairs will naturally cost a bit more. It will also depend on the amount, and type of materials used in the job, and how many hours it will take to complete. If you would like to know an exact amount, call us today and we will be bale to come to your premises and offer you a free quote before you get started. 

  • 24 hour emergency service

    Have you awoken in the middle of the night only to find that your water isn't running? or you have a leaking tap that is spraying water everywhere? or perhaps your hot water system has completely shut down, if this has happened to you, then don'e fret, We will come to the rescue. We have one of the best emergency services in Tea Tree Gully and can come to your home or office at anytime to have any last minute issues fixed. Not only that but we will make it our mission to ensure that the same problem wont happen again. We onlyhave the highest trained people undertaking your emergencies, and we only use the highest grade, Australian made product, so you know they will last and keep your plumbing up and running for years to come. 

  • Solar Hot Water Heating

    If you love to idea of having piping hot water flowing through your pipes that is naturally heated from the sun, then you are on the right track to helping the enviroument in the best way possible. From time to time, these new types of systems can malfunction and become unreliable, so you will want to hire a team of professionals that can have the problem fixed. We are highly trained in fixing and repairing solar panel hot water systems and will have it up and running in no time and ensure that every issue is fixed so it will not happen again.  

  • Electric Systems

    If you're running an electric water setup, and it has stopped working, or may have a fault that you just cant seem to figure out, then call us today and we will be able to send someone out to take a look. The benifit of having this type of system is they are usually incredible quick and easy to fix if there is a fault, but they also save you big $$$ when it comes to your overall bill. No matter the issues, we will be able to have it fixed, or if you need a new one installed or are upgrading, we stock and install a large range of systems to will suit every style and provide you with the hottest water you have ever experienced. Call us today at any time to talk with us about what setup you have any what you need done or repaired.