• Plumbers Klemzig

    Contact local Klemzig Plumbers, Plumbing and Gas for all your hot water, blocked drains and emergency plumbing needs. On call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency plumber needs, they are well equipped to handle any emergency work, or book them in for great prices on bathroom renovations, clearing blocked drains or fixing leaking taps.

    Being able to get help from licensed and experienced plumbers is not difficult when you get into touch with  our local affordable Plumbing and Gas company! They will come deal with any issue you may have at any given time of day or night. 

  • About Our Plumbing and Gas Team

    Our plumbing team has years of experience helping customers. We are licensed and insured, and are a family business. Our main focus is delivering great customer service and being the "go to" company for your entire range of plumbing services.

  • Blocked Drains Klemzig

    Get our Plumbing company to use our amazing hydrojet with CCTV. This will allow us to quickly ascertain where your blockage is located, then get in there and blast it out quickly. Remember the faster a plumber can do their job, the less you get charged, so it pays to contact a company like ours with a hydrojet.

  • Other Services

    •Leaking Taps

    Do you know if there are leaks or other problems related to your home's taps? It's not uncommon for this to go unnoticed and lead to a lot of issues with water getting into places you cannot see or taps getting rusty.

    •Hot Water System Replace / Repair

    A home with a broken hot water system is not fun to be in, especially when you want a warm shower. It's important that you get yours looked at if it's failing. We do new installations with all the best brands of hot water systems. The prices are more affordable than you may think.

    •Bathroom Renovations

    We oversee the entire process and all tradesmen involved. The tilers, builders, electricians and of course, as licensed plumbers we have a huge role to play in your bathroom renovation also.

    •Hydrojet with CCTV

    This is a great way to keep drains from clogging ever again, and you can keep an eye on the system with the CCTV option we can include.

    •Trouble Shooting

    Are you not sure of what your issue is or just want to ask us to check out your home in general? We can send someone out that has dealt with many problems in the plumbing world so you know if there are any they will be cared for.

    •Gas Lines

    Gas lines are dangerous to have leaking or malfunctioning in any way. Let our professional team at Plumbing and Gas get in there and fix problems to keep you and your family safe.

    •Kitchen Renovations

    Make your kitchen into a whole new area of your home and add value to it at the same time. In the same way we oversee bathroom renovations, we can also organise and oversee the tradesmen involved for your new kitchen.

    •Solar / Gas and Electric

    Gas, electric, and solar based systems in your home are delicate and sometimes complicated. Talk to a Plumbing and Gas expert to keep your bills low and everyone in the home safe.

  • Contact Us

    Please use the direct contact form to get in touch with us. We are local, licensed and the trusted name for plumbing in Adelaide.