• Best Price Roof Restoration in Reynella

    If you are in the market for a new colorbond roof, or any form of roof restoration in Reynella, then contact Cockatoo Roofing. You'll speak to Gordon who has years of experience and is well known as an industry expert.

    Cockatoo Roofing do two things well. 1) They use the best materials and the best workmanship. No shortcuts. 2) The lowest prices guaranteed. Bring them any written quote and they will beat the price.

  • Cockatoo Roofing Will Beat Any Written Quote

    Warning! A lot of roofing companies are overcharging. Gordon through his company, Cockatoo Roofing have saved clients thousands on a single roofing job. It pays to call, it might save you thousands of dollars too.

    Whilst still offering unbeatable service and workmanship from one of Adelaide's most experienced operators, Gordon will beat any competitor's genuine written quote. So call him first or call him last, but make sure you call Cockatoo Roofing for your next restoration in Reynella.

  • Licensed and Insured

    If you hire an unlicensed tradesman you may not have any recourse for insurance. Cockatoo Roofing is licensed: Builders License Number 258 354 and they are insured. They hold a current ABN 86454608 and have the credentials and experience to carry out your job to the highest standards.

  • Huge Warranties on Roofs

    As well as being a licensed and insured company, Cockatoo Roofing are covered by $20,000,000 in public liability insurance.* New colorbond roofs also come with guarantees of 30 years for colorbond and 20 years for a galvanised roof. For roof respray or painting, the top quality Dulux paint used comes with a 10 year warranty.

  • Services Offered

    Services Provided
    Cockatoo Roofing provide the following services:
    • full roof restorations
    • 36 Roof colours
    • Colorbond Iron Roof
    • High pressure cleaning
    • Ridge capping and repointing
    • roof tile replacement
    • gutter cleaning
    • heat proof paint
    • roof maintenance and leak fixing
    • commercial work
    • lowest prices
    • beat any written quote

  • Rave Roof Restoration Reviews!

    Customer service means a lot to Gordon and the team at Cockatoo Roofing. If you look down you will see a range of great reviews from satisfied clients.

    If you have recently had a roof restoration you are happy with then please add to the list of reviews. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Happy with the job I paid for. Fixed my roof on the carport quickly and no fuss. Will Simpson 02/22/2016
    • Gordon will rope you in with lower prices and the promise to get your job done in record time. This is faaaaaaaaaarr from the real truth. Expect the opposite with this person. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING HE SAYS. Any good reviews you see about this guy will most probably have been written by one of his mates. This guy is unreliable, will not show up when he says he will, very unorganised and you will end up trying to schedule his work for him as he doesn't have any initiative at all. Something should be done about businesses that people like Gordon establish - they should be put to the test to see if they actually know what they're doing in terms of trade and skill and then assess whether they are eligible to start a trade business - because this guy is a complete utter joke. He will claim to stay true to Australian standards yet his work is not even close to it. When he asks for money in advance (oh and he will), do not give it. He will take your money and not do any work. This guy should not be allowed to be near anyone's home because he will damage it more instead of actually fixing it. Angry and disappointed 05/30/2018