• Real Estate Agents Seacombe Gardens

  • Real Estate Agents Seacombe Gardens

    Buying or selling property in Seacombe Gardens, SA 5047? Mark Neilsen at Adelaide South Property can help you achieve your desired purchase price on your house or apartment. There are plenty of real estate agents out there, but only a few who have the experience and market knowledge that Mark possesses. His firm knows what property went for what, in every suburb in Adelaide’s southern suburbs over the last twelve months and beyond. With a keen finger on the pulse and an intimate knowledge of the area, he knows how to sell your home. Talk to Mark today about just what is possible for your property as a vendor. Call 08 8186 2777.

  • For Sale & Sold

    Not many homes sell themselves and the real estate profession has worked a few things out over the duration. How you present your property to market is possibly the single most important factor in selling a home. Mark Neilsen can show you why he sells more houses and achieves higher prices than many of his competitors in Seacombe Gardens. Learn a few tricks of the trade, which won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but will result in more positive attention to your home. Adelaide South Property has a reputation for presenting their vendor’s properties in superb condition.

  • Reaching the Right Buyer

    Anyone can sell a home below market value; Mark Neilsen prides himself on getting the highest purchase price possible for his vendors. Achieving this is all about reaching the right buyer for your Seacombe Garden’s residence. Finding the right buyer follows on from the successful methodology that Adelaide South Property has developed over many years. They don’t try and sell your property to just anybody! Mark assesses the sections of the market that your home appeals to and markets the property to them in a targeted fashion. This means that you are not wasting time and money on unsuitable potential buyers. A home that is suitable for first home buyers may not be right for a retiree or a mature professional. A property which interests a renovator or property developer may not be right for a young professional or investor. 

  • Advertising Your Domicile

    Once the market has been identified, then the appropriate channels can be applied to reach that section of the market. Adelaide South Property can use the Internet, social media and SMS messaging to reach their data base of potential buyers. In addition, more traditional means of advertising, like their visually impressive onsite signboards, brochures, letter drops, aerial photography and video presentations can be utilised. Mark Neilsen wants to sell your Seacombe Garden’s house or apartment and he knows how to maximise your return.