• Best Priced Bathroom renovations in Blackwood

    Live in Blackwood 5051? Thinking about renovating your bathroom? That’s great! We have helped hundreds of homeowners recreate their bathrooms – and we can help you too.

    We can provide bathroom rejuvenation advice, talk through our project management process, and discuss style options. Let’s get chatting today.

  • Complete bathroom design service

    Our team includes all of the tradespeople needed to turn your old bathroom into one that’s stylish. We have the muscle and the skills required. We do it all – from making the room a blank canvas, tiling, painting, through to product installation.

    We are bathroom specialists. This means we know what we’re doing – so you don’t have to look elsewhere to finish the job off.

  • About Us

    You may not think of bathroom renovations first, when you think of our company. But over the years, we’ve found that our customers need our expert renovations service.

    We visit bathrooms every day. We always have suggestions about how they could work better. So we turn this could into a can.

    We’ve been in the bathroom game for years, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. We always update our skills and knowledge, according to new industry trends.

  • Remodelling a bathroom? Consider this

    Although small, your bathroom project needs great thought. Your renovation contractor should do most of the hard work, but it’s good for you to know as much as you can.

    Here are a few things you should think about before you renovate your bathroom.

    • The room layout

    Do you know how you would like to use your bathroom? Determining the space in the room, and how you can use it, is important. Measure it and see what you can include within it. If you’re unhappy with the layout, you’ll need to change it – which will be a bigger job. In this case, you can prepare for additional money into your budget.

    • Watch your shopping

    Be wary of how much you spend, or want to spend, on fittings. This is a hidden place where money can add up – without us even knowing it. Your bathroom renovator should be able to help you avoid this.

    • Be realistic

    If you think you can attempt some of it yourself, consider how much time it’s going to take you. You’ll have to take time off work, or your personal life. Is it really worth it, to save a few bucks?


    Give us a call today, and we can chat about your individual bathroom needs. Free Quotes in Blackwood 5051 SA.


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