• Air Conditioning Torrensville

    For all things to do with air conditioning in Torrensville, WHITE AIR SERVICES are the experienced professionals. Their team of refrigeration mechanics and air con technicians can service, repair and install all types of air conditioning systems. For all your residential and commercial air con requirements in this Adelaide suburb, in the City of West Torrens, WHITE AIR SERVICES have got you covered. South Australia is hot in summer and cool in winter; and reliable reverse cycle air conditioning is a prerequisite for good living. Don’t get caught out with a faulty air conditioner and suffer the consequences; get your air con serviced.

  • Air Conditioner Service Special

    WHITE AIR SERVICES  can come to your home, or business, and service your air con unit for the lowest price. A service will improve the performance of your air conditioning system and prolong its working life. Qualified technicians will clean and reinvigorate your air conditioner in Torrensville; and you will feel the difference!
    Time for a New Unit?
    Air conditioning like so many things is constantly being improved through enhanced technology. Air con systems run more efficiently than ever before; which means better performance and cost savings. Don’t put up with your old air conditioner if it is struggling to meet your demands; it is only costing you money. Transform your living experience at home and at work with a brand new cooling unit.

  • Heating and Cooling Options

    WHITE AIR SERVICES have a range of heating and cooling options for your domestic abode or place of business, including: evaporative air conditioning; gas heating; combustion wood burners; split level, ducted and reverse cycle air con units. Treat yourself to relief this season and control the temperature in your home. Come and visit the WHITE AIR SERVICES showroom and experience the full range of heating and cooling options.