• Batteries in Glenelg

  • For quality car, marine and automotive batteries delivered to you, choose Batteries2u. We travel all over Adelaide installing new batteries. We have everything we need in our vans, so replacements are quick and easy. Our expert technicians always arrive on time and replacement costs are often the same price (or cheaper) than shop batteries. If you need us to come out to your Glenelg SA 5045 home, get in touch with us now. Stay powered for longer, with Batteries2u. 

  • Flat battery? We’ll replace it.

    Your car relies on its battery. Without it, you won’t be going anywhere. And batteries can give way at any time, which is why we’re built our company to help you. We’re 100% mobile, so we can travel to where your car has broken down or won’t start. Using only leading battery brands, we help your car last longer on the road. We understand all the types of roads we have in South Australia, from highways to gravel. All of these terrains play on your car, so maintenance is crucial. Your battery is one component that can be affected. 

  • Deep cycle marine batteries

    Get a tough battery that’s made for rough waters. At Batteries2u, we have a large range of deep cycle marine battery brands available. Whether your boat is stored at home or ready to go on the harbour, we can come to you. And we don’t just provide batteries for boats. We also do replacements for jet skis. So, if you’re ready to set sail and you don’t have any power, get in touch with us. We’ve worked on boats in Glenelg’s Marina Pier, as well as to many homes in the area. 

  • Motorcycle batteries

    Don’t worry where you break down. If you need a new battery, we’ll install it. After fitting it, we’ll check your motorcycle, truck, 4WD or caravan to make sure everything is working ok before we leave. All of our technicians are fully trained, qualified, and experienced. Our focus is to get you back on the road as fast as possible. We make sure your vehicle is safe again to drive on the road. Call us now for a competitive quote.

    We’re the battery guys. Talk to us about our range of options. If you need a car, marine or automotive battery, give us a call  . Glenelg isn’t far for us.