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    For quick and hassle free car repairs, Viva Auto Repairs are the mechanics for you. Located at Richmond (5033) in South Australia, just near Glandore, Viva offer a range of services for your car.

    From a minor car service, which includes a full written report and safety check, to tune ups, spare parts, air conditioning and everything in between, the locally owned and operated mechanics will look after you and your car.

    With over 100 years’ combined experience, the team at Viva are ready to take your call, so use the click to call option to speak to them directly, or fill out the contact form to lodge an enquiry about your car.

    Why Choose Viva Auto Repairs?

    The team at Viva Auto Repairs have a range of unique skills. One mechanic specialises in LPG servicing and can ensure your car is maintaining optimal performance. Another of the team is an expert in looking after Mazda rotary engines. Bring in your Mazda MX5, safe in the assurance that Viva will know how to have it working as good as ne in no time.

    Viva are licenced to service and repair your car’s sir conditioner, so make sure you keep your cool all year round by taking your car into Viva near Glandore today.

    Tune Up

    Whether you’re after a minor service, or a logbook service, Viva Auto Repairs can do the job.

    For a tune up, drop your car in to the team and they will see to it that your pride and joy is running smoothly and using as little fuel as is necessary. They will check and replace spark plugs, test the ignition leads, test the coils and ignition modules and make sure all is working to its full potential. Air and fuel filters will be replaced and computer systems can be scanned for faults.

    If you own a classic car, Viva have the skills to replace condensers and tune the carburetors, as well as performing a full diagnosis to make sure you can hit the road in style again.

    Servicing and Detailing

    Your warranty will be protected if you’re looking for a log book servicing due to the expertise and attention to detail of the team at Viva. Offering a wide range of services for your car, they will perform a service and send you reminders by mail or SMS when it’s time for your next one. Major services can include a full tune up, transmission services, cooling system flush and change of oil. A minor service is a full safety check of lights, electrical, brake, suspension and steering, after which you receive a written report.

    Viva Auto Repairs pride themselves on getting it right first time, so click to call, or fill in the contact form to book your car in  today.