• Tubular Steel Fencing Adelaide

    If you are after tubular steel fences in Adelaide, you've come to the right place. We have the best range of fence builders and fencing contractors in Adelaide. Each fencer will showcase pictures of his fences on their web listing. This can help you make an informed decision as to which fencing company to go with. Whilst many of our fencers are colorbond specialists, there are quite a lot that branch out into various other styles of fences and gates. Steel is just one of these examples, and steel fences in particular are the subject of this article.

  • Tubular Steel Gates

    Tubular style fences are becoming more popular for their functionality and look. In particular steel gates are having a resurgence. Tubular steel gates can be set on a remote control to open up as you're driving home, and provide a secure way to lock up your yard without being an inconvenience. We have included a video which shows an automatic gate at work. 

  • Cost of Steel Fences

    Tubular steel fencing will cost more than your normal colorbond or brush fencing. However, the look of it is simply amazing. Whilst it can range from $90 per metre to almost $200 a metre including installation, the result is well worth it. There are varying styles, and thicknesses, so make sure that when you are comparing fencing quotes you have the exact same fence type to tell each of the contractors about to quote. As you can see from the image below, there are so many uses in fencing for steel. It can be set into a solid rendered brick fence, horizontally like below. Or the fence can be concrete set into the ground vertically as above. So it is imperative that you get your fence design that you want first up, and then go and get fencing quotes.

  • Benefits of having a Tubular Steel Fence installed

    The main reason householders go for tubular steel is that it is strong, solid, safe, high, and still lets a view in (or out). They are one of the hardest fences for burglars to climb over, as the fence offers no real grip to get traction on. The added height is a huge bonus, and is offset by the fact you can still see a view in or out whilst feeling completely safe. If you are selling a home, these fences are great for resale, because they don't block a view of your property and still show your home off. Yet the fence still defines the boundary to your property, and helps potential home owners see that it's safe.

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