• Real Estate Campbelltown

    Buying and/or selling a home in Campbelltown? There is one name in property sales and management in this part of Adelaide that stands out, Korn Real Estate. Proud South Australians and a family run business, Korn Wang and his team, would very much like to talk with you about your real estate needs. Dedicated and hard working, this group of sales professionals are achieving very good outcomes in the City of Campbelltown.

  • Property Management Campbelltown

    More and more properties in Campbelltown are being bought as investment rental properties. First time landlords can have some pretty hairy experiences with bad tenants, which can include loss of income and property damage. Korn Real Estate has a portfolio of rental properties under its management and an excellent reputation for client satisfaction. Let them take the hassle out of being a landlord; and grow your investment with the help of professional property management.

  • Real Estate Agents

    What are the three secrets of success in business? Location, location, location. The other secret, more rarely, mentioned in the real estate business, is that it is primarily a service industry. High levels of customer service will achieve greater levels of success. Korn Real Estate promise to be first on the scene and the last to leave; and we don’t mean at your house warming party. Their property agents arrive on time and don’t go home until every last lead is contacted and followed up.

  • Korn Knows Houses

    How you present your home for sale often determines the purchase price that you achieve. Korn Real Estate can help you prepare and present your Campbelltown house or apartment, so that you will achieve the optimal amount of money for your home. They have developed an easy step by step program to guide you through what they have learnt selling hundreds of Adelaide homes.

  • About Korn and their Network

    Korn Real Estate has a large network of buyers and sellers on their books. They say that the longer your contact list is the shorter time it takes to sell someone’s house or apartment. In Campbelltown, who they don’t know is a much smaller list; wearing out shoe leather and car tyres are their more frequent issues.

    A proud South Australian family run business, committed to high sales volumes at optimal sales prices. Real estate is in their blood and they are passionate about what they do. Korn and Ian invite you to speak with them about property sales or management; they will make a difference.

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