• Air Conditioning Brooklyn Park

    Considering air conditioning in Brooklyn Park? Whether you are upgrading or looking for an air con technician in the western suburbs of Adelaide, we are the experts. South Australia is a land just made for air conditioning; a state of maximum and minimum temperatures. Reverse cycle units are, virtually, a ‘must have’ in these conditions. Make sure yours is in full working order this season. Modern living affords us all in the twenty first century what used to be called luxuries and what we now call essentials. Need A/C? Call us

  • A Team of Air Conditioning Technicians

    we have a team of refrigerated mechanics and electrical technicians to service, repair and install all types of air conditioning. Your home or business can rely on their expertise to fix your air con needs. The new air conditioning systems are more energy efficient and they can save you money. Don’t put up with second rate air con; it is only costing you money. A new air conditioner can transform your living experience; make home a more conducive place. Adelaide is far finer city when you have state of the art cooling.

  • We do sales, servicing & repairs

    Get your existing air con unit serviced this season and experience the difference. For a super low price, we will clean and rejuvenate your system to improve performance and lengthen its working life. An air conditioner, like a car, requires servicing to optimise its performance.