• Wedding Photography in Victor Harbor

  • Wedding Photography Victor Harbor

    On your wedding day, every moment is precious. Film Noir Wedding Photography can turn each moment into an exquisite photo journey. We photograph in a unique cinematic style, creating striking, memorable photos of your once in a lifetime day. No matter the location in Victor Harbor, whether a golden beach or wild, colourful garden, our experienced team have the passion and skills to take your photos to the next level. Book a consultation with the team at Film Noir Wedding Photography today and let us make your special day one to remember.  

  • Your Photographers

    The team at Film Noir Wedding Photography feel that a great relationship between the photographer and the bride and groom really helps the shoot go smoothly. Jerry Zimmer and Ela Bozek are passionate and experienced photographers who’ve created Film Noir to make cinematic photography available to Adelaide’s bride and grooms.  

    Ela Bozek

    Ela is a Polish born photographer who moved to Australia with her family, husband Sebastian and daughter Zoe, excited to start a new chapter of her life in Adelaide. She loves the beach, snorkeling, camping and exploring the city with her camera - always ready to capture the perfect photo of course!

    Ela has always loved cinema, and has favourite frames from movies that have inspired her to create cinematic images. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also a graphic artists and art teacher. During a photoshoot, Ela favours wide lens shots to get up close and personal with her couples. She loves working with Jerry, her creative equal, and feels their styles and vision for Film Noir work harmoniously together.

    Jerry Zimmer

    Jerry’s always loved film and worked in a cinema for many years. He’d become fascinated with specific scenes in a movie, that he thought had beautiful composition and told the story with amazing clarity. This led him to apply a cinematic approach to his passion for photography. Jerry likes to sequence his photos like a movie, with long and mid shots coupled with both the bride and groom’s perspectives in order to share the whole story.

     Jerry doesn’t like to heavily stage his shots. He wants to capture the true nature of your relationship by placing you in a cinematic setting, and then letting you be yourselves. He and Ela make a vibrant team, with their shared creative values and goals and ability to work in harmony during a shoot.

  • Our Service

    We’d love every bride and groom to have the Film Noir Wedding Photography experience. So as an introductory offer, we are giving you 25% off our digital 8 hour package. This includes an engagement mini shoot with 25 creative images, 2 amazing photographers covering your wedding day, and 450 colour corrected images. 150 of these images are full, artistically edited photos. We promise a 2 week completion of your package, so you’ll get to see the amazing results straight after your honeymoon!

    We’re sure that you’ll love your experience with us. Our photographers use only the best Sony Mirrorless cameras to capture stunning quality photos. Choose Film Noir Wedding Photography and book in your consultation today. 

  • Our Style

    Film Noir specialise in cinematic photography; a distinctive and striking style of artistic photography. We are inspired by the intricate and beautiful composition of film scenes, and feel honored to tell your story through our camera lens. Our aim is to make your photos look like they’ve been taken straight from the Silver Screen.

    Cinematic photography puts you, the bride and groom, into the spotlight, in a natural and un-staged manner. There’s no stiff posing or awkward positioning. Our experience with lighting, bokeh (the soft, whimsical blurring you’ll see in our photos) and perfect framing of the landscape will give your photo the cinematic touch you’re sure to love. Wherever in Victor Harbor you plan to have your wedding, we’ll create gorgeous, rich and vivid photos that will take your breath away. Book a consultation and see the difference Film Noir Wedding Photography can make to your wedding day.