• Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide

    So you've bought yourself a brand new split system air conditioner online. You've probably got a bargain and just need the right Adelaide installation company to help. We are the air conditioning installation experts in Adelaide, and pride ourselves on fast, friendly and reliable service.
    There isn't a make or model that our expert electricians can't assemble or install. We've dealt with a lot of Split System units purchased online, and have the right tools, training, and spare parts to install your air conditioner quickly and properly.
    Our business is fully licensed to carry out the electrical work required of an air conditioning installation. This is extremely important on two levels. The first reason being that our workmanship is high quality. We have done the training, have the skills, and the legal licensing to carry out your installation. The second reason is just as important. By using a licensed company like ours, your warranty will not be voided. Often when there is an issue (and there often are) the first thing the manufacturer will ask for is the credentials of whoever installed the air conditioning unit. If that person is not licensed and qualified then instantly your warranty is void.

  • Split System Installers in Adelaide

    Installation of a split system can be done very quickly by our trained and licensed tradesmen. In most cases we can conduct the work within 24 hours of receiving the phone call.

    Many people choose to buy online to save a bit of money. With the right amount of research (a lot) purchasing through online stores can be a great idea. We suggest that you reinvest some of the money you've saved on getting the job done right the first time. Our Adelaide Air conditioner installers are the best in the state. This is due to their experience dealing with this specific task, and having dealt with all makes and models of split systems.

    Each one is slightly different, and each house presents a slightly different challenge. Right down to where the external unit should go for best drainage and minimal visibility. The positioning of the unit in the room is also important. Our technicians understand the aesthetics of positioning your split system in the right place to look visually appealing, but they also take into consideration the best place to fit the units for optimum airflow.

    It's the attention to detail and the willingness to work with the owners which guarantees the best positioning of the split system unit and the greatest result.

  • Find Local Air Conditioner Installers near me in Adelaide

    The best way to find a local Air conditioner installer is right here. We are based in Unley, in Adelaide, near the city CBD and service all areas. We have been a local company for over 20 years and complete every single job with the pride attached to it as though it were our own.
    Contact one of our tradesmen on the number at the top and bottom of this article and discuss how we can take that purchase you've made, and get it mounted on the wall, and blowing hot or cool air.


  • How much does installing a Split System Cost?

    Installing and air conditioner can range in price. However like most industries, the lowest bidder may not always be the best, and the highest doesn't always ensure quality.
    Our company can be trusted to deliver a great result, as we have been installing air conditioners in Adelaide for a number of years. Our electricians are licenced, insured, and well trained.
    Prices can vary from $400 up to $1,000 depending on the work involved. Thankfully our business is able to work efficiently and keep costs at the lower end of the spectrum. This keeps your home cool and your wallet happy.


  • Why do I need a licensed professional to install my Air Conditioner?

    This is a fantastic question and one that is often overlooked by people trying to save that extra buck. Yes it is important to be price conscious. I am sure that is the reason many people buy online nowadays. But once you have purchased your air conditioning unit, get it installed by us. We are insured and licensed to carry our electrical work such as this.
    The obvious reason to get our company to do the work, is that you are entrusting the job to highly trained professionals. This means we have all the right tools, wiring, spare parts and other items that might be needed to assist in smoothly installing an air conditioner in your home.
    As we are licensed it means that we are insured, so if something does go wrong, both the client and the tradesman are financially protected.
    Last but not least, don't risk voiding your warranty by choosing a cowboy. Choose a professional with the necessary qualifications and licenses so that if something does go wrong, your warranty is still in order.
    The manufacturers will always ask about the company that installed it and need to see proof (on the receipt) of their licence to carry out the work. Without this your insurance is null and void.
    So if you're after air conditioning installation in Adelaide or Split System installation, give our company a call. Our fast service and low rates will keep your home cool.