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    Got problems with your air conditioner? Can’t seem to use your electric windows? Let our experienced team of auto electricians take care of it for you, while you’re at home or work. We’re experts in all aspects of auto electrical repairs including starter motor and alternator repairs, fuel and ignition system diagnostics, trailer electrics and batteries, and air conditioning. Your car, 4WD, caravan, trailer, truck or earthmoving equipment – whatever it is, we can fix it. Family owned and operated, our close attention to service has turned us into leaders in auto electrical and mechanical repairs in Adelaide. We’ve been following this high level of surface for 15 years. So, get in touch with us and let us know what problem you’re having. Call us on 0412 241 341. You won’t find a price cheaper or a service better than ours.

    Car rewiring, air conditioner re-gassing…

    Electrical wiring problems are some of the most comprehensive. Don’t put yourself at risk by lifting the bonnet and checking the problem yourself. Even if it doesn’t look like one big puzzle, it’s still best left to the experts. The best thing to do when your car electrical wiring is not in good condition is call us. From minor problems to major rewiring jobs, we’re on the job. And what’s best, we’ll do it all from our mobile vans – at your own convenience.

    It’s getting cold in Adelaide isn’t it? Just wait until it’s summer again and you’ll be wishing it were cold again. Don’t get to December wishing it were July. Let us know when your car is going to be stationary for a few hours and we’ll take a look at your broken air conditioner. Running your car air conditioner in winter also removes humidity from the air and can help clear that constant foggy windscreen. So, don’t wait until summer – get it fixed now.

    With our innovative equipment, we can diagnose, repair or service any air conditioning components – with everything in our mobile vans. Our services include:

    • Leak and pressure testing
    • Retrofitting
    • Re-gassing and installs
    • New, second-hand or rebuilt compressors
    • Climate control modules
    • And everything related to the repair and maintenance of your air conditioning system.

    About PK Mobile Auto Electrical

    Modern vehicles rely on electrics to run well. This means diagnosing auto electrical problems is now more complex than ever. Fault diagnosis can only be performed using up to date technology that communicates with vehicles on board engine control units (ECU). At PK Mobile Auto Electrical, we take care of the auto electrical and mechanical repairs on cars, trucks, trailers, boats, motorbikes and caravans.

    When we say we do it all, we mean it. Just take a look at this list.

    • Onsite auto electrical repairs
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Accessory fitting
    • Solar power systems
    • Engine management and fuel injection fault diagnosis
    • Immobilisers and alarms
    • Cruise control
    • Car audio systems
    • Starter motor and alternator repairs
    • Auto air conditioning
    • Power tool repairs 
    • Reversing sensors and cameras
    • Mobile auto electrical
    • Workshop auto electrical 
    • Automotive air conditioning
    • Caravan auto electrical work
    • Car batteries
    • Fleet management for cars, buses, trucks
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Brakes, clutch, engines, transmission
    • Log book servicing
    • Caravan Vehicle Preparation 
    • Led Lighting
    • Batteries
    • Alarm Immobilisers.

    The best price, the best service, the best quality guaranteed. Plus, we service all areas in Adelaide – so no matter where you are, we’ll get to you. For anything auto electrical, call us.

    Mobile car battery replacement

    Your battery is one of the most important parts of your car’s electrical system. This is why it should be regularly checked and tested to prevent it from failing. As a general rule, car batteries should be replaced every three years. If you’ve got a flat or sluggish battery, it may not even be the battery itself. It could be another component of the charging system. So, it’s important to get an expert to keep your entire electrical system running efficiently.

    The options are endless when it comes to battery replacement. Our technicians have expert knowledge to help advise on the best battery option for your vehicle make or model. The last thing you want is to pay for a new battery that’s not the right fit – one that’ll only last half the time of what it should. At PK Mobile Auto Electrical, we train our technicians to be the very best. We don’t cut corners, neither in our training or our workmanship. This means we do things right, the first time.

    Whatever issues you’re having with your vehicle electrical system, you can count on us. Our mobile vans are fully highly equipped to come to your home, work, or anywhere that your vehicle may be in Adelaide. We also provide full workshop facilities at our modern premises in William Street, Beverley, for more comprehensive repairs.

    No matter where you are in Adelaide, we’ll be on the road to you before you can say goodbye.