• Bathroom Renovations O'Sullivan Beach

  • Quality bathroom designs and styles

    Thinking about a facelift for your O’Sullivan Beach bathroom? we are the bathroom renovation experts in the seaside suburbs of Adelaide. When you want professional and top quality contractors to provide your home or business with a brand spanking new bathroom at the right price, they deliver in spades. we look after the entire renovation process. we are competitively priced. A perfect new bathroom is more affordable than you might think. Call us now to speak with a customer representative or Click Here to email to make an appointment.

  • Bathroom Makeovers Increases Property Prices

    Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that good looking bathrooms sell houses. A gorgeous new bathroom inspires potential buyers to pay more and be more motivated to secure your home. A new bathroom fitout could actually make you money in the future. You will enjoy the luxury of a sumptuous bathroom; and improve the resale value of your home. Don’t let your old bathroom lower the tone any longer; get the facelift, and your home will look and feel years younger. We can economically redesign your O’Sullivan Beach bathroom and build a better bathroom for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Bathroom Makeover Experts

    We combine years of specialist experience, with the full gamut of necessary skills to design, build and install all the latest bathroom fittings and appliances, to make a better bathroom at the right price. Bathrooms contain important structural components within a building or house. You do not want inexperienced contractors making a mess of your water pressure, pipes and drainage. It could potentially cost you a fortune. We will oversee the whole renovation; and make sure that your new bathroom not only looks great, but performs perfectly too.

  • Efficient Energy Bathrooms

    We are the energy efficient bathroom specialists in O’Sullivan Beach, and in the surrounding suburbs. We pride themselves on saving our clients, money spent on their power bills and water rates. In the twenty first century, the new technology for heating water in the home, means we should all be getting more for less. Solar, heat pumps and gas continuous hot water are all superior types of hot water systems, to the old electricity guzzling hot water storage tank. Talk to us about your next bathroom makeover.