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  • Home Loans Semaphore

    Looking for a home loan in Semaphore? If you are thinking about buying your first home, a bigger house or renovating, Kate Barnes and her Aussie team of brokers can help you. Finding the right home loan is half the battle; and the team from Aussie can help you compare hundreds of financing options from the sixteen major Australian lenders. In a matter of minutes, they can show you what’s available and the various permutations of each home loan. They offer a personalised service, which is free and designed to find the right financing option for your set of circumstances.

  • Refinancing

    The smart money is in refinancing your home loan. You can get a lower interest rate on your refinanced mortgage. You might like to switch from a variable to a fixed rate and secure your future. Alternatively, you may move from a fixed to a variable rate to take advantage of the economic climate. Or, you may want to access the equity in your home, so that you can pursue a project or opportunity. Whatever the situation, Kate Barnes can help you get the best refinancing deal.

  • Mortgage Brokers Semaphore

    Not all mortgage brokers are the same, Kate at Aussie and her team of expert mortgage brokers are experienced and dead keen. For fifteen years Kate has been making a difference to the lives of South Australians, in Semaphore and throughout Adelaide. Talk to them about residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, debt consolidation, construction loans, portfolio management and home equity loans. They understand money, the property market and finance; they help people every day comprehend this sometimes puzzling world.

  • Low Doc Loans

    Looking for a low doc loan to purchase your Semaphore property? In an age where more and more of us are self-employed and running our own businesses, the demand for low doc loans is always on the increase. Kate and Aussie Home Loans can show you the range on offer and their various pros and cons. Talk to Kate today, about a low doc home loan or commercial loan.

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  • About Aussie Home Loans

    Kate Barnes, and her team at the West Lakes’ Aussie store, have years of experience in finding the right mortgage for their clients. Making an informed choice with their help will save you money. Take advantage of their free no obligation service, which is quick and easy. Check out hundreds of home loans to discover the perfect residential mortgage for your new Semaphore home. Talk to Kate today and see your way ahead to a better home loan.

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