• Best Local Bathroom Renovation Company in Glenelg

    Glenelg is Adelaide's premier beachside suburb. Located in Holdfast Bay Council, it is a popular tourist destination in the summer, and home to some stunning homes. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation business to renovate your bathroom in Glenelg, then take a look at us. Our bathroom renovation experts come with the necessary skills to help with bathroom design, and oversee the trades to conduct the renovation.

    Our team visits Glenelg every week, talking to residents about their old and out-dated bathrooms. We help homeowners recreate and renovate their bathrooms. And we can do the same for you, too.

  • Bathroom Rejuvenation

    If you are going to rejuvenate your bathroom, the first thing you'll need to do is work out the redesign and layout. Often bathroom design and renovation companies have some great design ideas to help configure your shower room. Bathroom renovations need to be well planned and well thought through. here's a mini checklist of the best order in which to organise the rejuvenation.

    1) Work out what you can salvage: Sometimes the bathtub is actually in good condition, sometimes the ceiling and lights are perfect.

    2) Is it a cosmetic renovation or a full floor plan redesign? Work out which of the major items are going to stay. It's ok to change a few walls here and there, but remember a cosmetic renovation is going to cost less than an expensive floor plan change. If you keep the toilet and the shower in the same place, then you won't need to move any of the plumbing around. I would highly recommend not moving toilets, bathtubs or showers.

    3) Demolition plan: Remove old tiles, or toilets and shower screens.

    4) Selections: Choosing the new shower heads, bathroom vanities and also the bathroom tiles. This is the fun part, as you can allow your creative flare to come through.

    5) Organising of trades: If you are organising the tradesmen to renovate your wet area then make sure they are licensed for the job they are conducting. You will need tilers, plumbers, and maybe a carpenter and plasterer if you are restructuring walls. This is where we can come in. With licensed trades and supervisors, you can expect a seamless job from conception to completion.



  • Redesign your Bathroom

    Many companies offer to organise the individual tradesmen on your behalf. Sometimes it is just easier to hire a bathroom renovation company to take care of the lot, as this avoids interacting with overlapping trades. It makes one business solely accountable for the work conducted and means you only have one company to pay. This is where we can offer great rates, and a cohesive company accountable for all the work in its entirety.
    Our bathroom renovation arm of the company will have an on site designer, with a great idea to help you out.

  • Add Value to your home through your bathroom

    If you’ve made the decision to renovate your bathroom, let’s first congratulate you. It’s an exciting journey, and the end result is always worth it.

    We create beautiful and functional bathrooms – following the style and design of your choice. This means you can look forward to a comfortable, convenient and personally tasteful bathroom design.

    We deliver project’s on time and we do what we say we will. Your house is never left a mess, and we never leave you waiting.

    “We’ll be there between 9-3pm.” We’ve all experienced this with a tradesperson – but it’s not how we operate.

  • Somerton Park Bathroom Renovation

    Somerton Park is right next to Glenelg in the Holdfast Bay council district. With property prices escalating in Glenelg 5045 and Somerton Park over the past few years a lot of people are rushing to renovate their homes. Whatever your budget, we can accommodate a budget or a glamour renovation. Talk to us about a free quote on your work.

  • About Us

    Just because we’re one of Glenelg’s leading bathroom renovation companies doesn’t mean we function with a big company mentality. Think of our service as boutique, but our workmanship as award winning.

    Our dedicated and innovative bathroom artists will help you create a bathroom that you’re proud of.