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    Edwardstown is home to many businesses. With one of Adelaide’s busiest roads running through it, South Road, Edwardstown is full of industrial and retail businesses. If you’re operating a business in Edwardstown, call our team to test and tag your equipment. It’s the most important part of your business – ensuring everyone that comes through your doors is safe.

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    Did you know that 10% of appliances fail in the first round of testing? That’s quite a big number. And what’s even more alarming is these appliances can potentially kill someone. Electrical safety is not a passing thought. Being proactive and investing time and money into regular testing and tagging is absolutely imperative.

    At Bee Safe Test & Tag, we’re in business to keep you in business. The last thing we want is to see your business suffer, just because you’ve had issues with your electrical appliances. By choosing us as your electrical appliance checking team, you don’t have to worry about it. We come in to check everything is in order, and then you don’t have to think about it. Our qualified test and tag technicians use advanced appliance-testing instruments to uncover hidden faults… before they become an issue.

    We’ll tag every piece of equipment with a barcode, so we know what we’ve checked for next time. Then, we’ll give you a risk assessment report – so you know exactly what the state is of your appliances. Our process ensures your electrical appliances are always functioning as well as they can be.

    About Bee Safe Test & Tag

    Forget about putting yourself at risk trying to test and tag your electrical equipment – let us, the experts, do it for you. Our service ensures everyone who walks through your doors in Edwardstown are safe. You’ll also comply with the South Australian laws, as well as your individual insurance plan. And you’ll protect your electrical assets.

    We can help you with the following:

    • Test and tagging your electrical equipment
    • Safety switch testing
    • Fire extinguisher testing
    • First aid supplies

    We test and record all of the electrical readings, which arerequired by law. This means the liability is in our hands, not yours. All of our technicians are first-aid certified, insured and police cleared for handling test and tag services. If you’re running a business in Edwardstown, call our team today.