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    Having car issues? Live in Hillbank? Come and drop into see us at Elizabeth South Auto Centre today, at 2 Bayer Road Elizabeth South. If you can’t get here quick enough, call us on 8255 2506 and we’ll book you in with one of our mechanics. Don’t worry… you won’t be put out of your usual schedule.

    About Elizabeth South Auto Centre

    We’re in business to keep you safe, your investment healthy, and to save you money… and hassle. We know just how much your car means to you, and how much you rely on it – so we treat it with respect and use the highest-grade equipment.

    How often do you need to service your car?

    Many people see usonly when their car is starting to act up. It takes time and out of your day and your busy schedule – and they have to wait for their car to be fixed. This isn’t the best way to look after your car. Regular maintenance is super important, to keep you safe and your car running the best it can. Not to mention all of the accidents that happens on the road, which can be easily avoided with regular servicing. So, what exactly should you get checked though? Everything. From your engine to your windshield wipers, your gas pedal and brakes, anything and everything should be roadworthy.

    Change your oil regularly

    The oil in your engine is the blood of your car. Pumping through your car, it keeps it alive. It’s responsible for lubricating various engine parts to avoid friction, overheating and wearing down. In short, your engine’s lifespan, ability to work efficiently and overall condition depends on your engine oil. The grade and the quality matters, but so does how often you change it.

    There are three main grades of engine oil: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Each has its advantages and disadvantages that you will need to consider before choosing it. We help you do this, but here’s a rundown on the different types.

    1.Mineral oils provide your car with the essential protection, but stops there. With a mineral oil your engine does not have full protection and doesn’t last long before it is in need of an oil change.

    2.Semi-synthetic oils provide your engine with better protection than a mineral oil and don’t require oil changes as often as mineral oils do. This means you can keep each batch for longer. This type of oilis also known for reducing wear and tear even more than a regular mineral oils- up to three times more. That’s what we call value for your money.

    3.Synthetic engine oils are perfect during colder months. They ensure quick circulation amongst the engine parts and enhance engine power and performance. This engine oil grade is considered as one of the best and gets the most out of engine between each oil change.

    If you’re ever unsure as to which type of engine oil to use, just consult your Elizabeth Auto Centre mechanic and they will be more than happy to be of assistance.