• Carpet Cleaning in Greenwith

  • Are you looking for the best cleaning service in Greenwith? Well luckily you’ve just found it! We’re the go-to guys for all commercial and residential, interior and exterior cleaning in Greenwith. Our services range from comprehensive home or office cleans for End of Lease inspections, carpet and upholstery cleaning, cleaning of tiles and grout, and almost every other cleaning job imaginable. We have 20 years experience in the field, and in that time we’ve become very, very good at what we do. We’re the dream team of the steam clean and the worst enemy of stains and mess. So why not give us a call for a FREE quote on all of our services? We’re the ones all of Greenwith can trust to give a incredible cleaning service 


    Carpets and rugs can add greatly to the visual appeal of your home or office, but they can also collect bacteria and stains, which can make them a hazard to health and a potential eyesore. And if you care about your carpets the way we care about all carpets, you’ll want to see them restored to their original, picturesque and fresh state. And that’s what we’re here for. We will steam clean your carpets and rugs with the best equipment and the most experienced cleaners in the whole of Greenwith and beyond. Don’t throw out your carpets and rugs. We bring them back to life!


    Are you moving out and looking to make your rental property look even fresher than the day you moved in? Do you have an End of Lease inspection coming, but you just don’t have the time to clean the whole place top to bottom? we are here to help. There isn’t a surface we won’t polish, or a wall we won’t scrub to ensure you leave the home or office on the absolute best of terms. Interior, exterior, floors, walls, carpets, metal surfaces, tiles and grout, we’ll do it all quickly and efficiently. Our End of Lease cleaning services will make sure you either have your lease renewed, or you get your bond back in full!


    Have you been neglecting your lounge chairs lately? Are they starting to look a bit run down before their time? We can help with our steam cleaning services. Our cleaners can extract the stains and grime from your chairs, fabrics and upholsteries, giving your beloved niceties a new lease on life, and ensuring their longevity for years to come. For the best possible results for your upholstery, we suggest having them cleaned with every second carpet cleaning. We will uphold the purity of your upholstery! 


    How do you sleep at night? If the answer is on a dirty mattress, then we’re glad you found us. Mattresses can be a breeding ground for all types of dangerous bacteria. And when you consider that the average person spends one-third of their lives in bed, asleep, you can see how important a clean mattress is to your health and hygiene. And that’s where we come in, your friends at zig zag. We will clean and sanitize your bed, and have it ready for use right when you need it.


    Cleaning your tiles and grout can be tricky and demanding. Traditional cleaning methods, such as mopping, can leave you pulling out hairs when you realize that they just don’t seem to work. You need a professional for this job. And professional we are! The cleaners and technicians at zig zag will clean, strip, and seal your tiles and grout, leaving them looking as good as you bought them, and our sealers will ensure they remain that way for a long time to come!